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Forum International 2007

Juan Davis

The Forum International 2007 in Monterrey, Mexico has ended. And with the departure of the expositions, cultural entertainment, and educational events also comes the closing of an exciting season filled with new and enriching experiences for the many hundreds of thousands who attended the Forum and its attractions. Thanks to our volunteers and the help of Activated Ministries, 1,850 visitors had the chance to receive Jesus into their lives for eternity and a renewed start to life with a closer relationship with God.

Rescate Children's Day Events

For Rescate, the month of April truly became “Children’s Month”, as “Children’s Day” (30th of April) was celebrated not just once, but four times in a series of events in Nuevo Leon and Chuahila for neglected and underprivileged children.

5,000 books for the children of Juárez, Mexico

Joseph Jones

We recently received a phone call from Antonio, an old friend of ours who owns a seafood restaurant. Because he grew up as an orphan, he has always wanted to help the orphans and those that were economically disadvantaged. He asked us if we could perform our clown and puppet show for the orphans and kids on the “Dia Del Nino” (Day of the Child) here in Mexico. He explained that he was able to secure a location for this event at Poliforo Juan Gabriel: a hall that could hold 10,000 people.

Daycare Assist Program in the Phillipines

Richard Alcasas

What is your definition of values? How important is it to pass on the values that you were taught? How are values essential to a child’s successful future? And who is responsible to teach values?

“To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society”– President Theodore Roosevelt

Sponsor a Book program visits Lima Hospitals for Christmas

Maria & Jacek Zychowicz

On December 21 and 23, 2011, we had the most wonderful experience of this year's humanitarian projects in Lima. Every year we organize “Sponsor a Book” program; distributing character building materials books in the poverty stricken areas of Lima. This year while planning the program we were thinking of who would appreciate those great books the most and so we decided to give them to hospitalized children.

Sponsor a Book program on Fiestas de Patries

Maria Zychowicz

Recently we had the opportunity to hold a wonderful event sponsored by Activated Ministries, for Fiestas de Patries, Peruvian Independence Day, in Lima . The event was for the 500 children of the Institucion de Educativa N 0097, Patrica Antonia Lopez, in the Santa Anita district.