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"Learning To Fly" Prison Inmate Program - 2013

If you haven't already heard, our Patricino Un Libro team has expanded our services to include programs for prison inmates in Mexico City. Over the past year, over 72 female inmates participated in our 6 month “Learning to Fly” program, which consists of a series of classes, workshops and personal counseling sessions.

Creating Magic Memories!

Isabel Nizincourt

During the Christmas season, the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City received our volunteers from Patricino un Libro with a group of 35 girls from a local orphanage. The girls enjoyed story-telling, interactive games, individual gifts of toys and books, yummy food and deserts, and a night-time visit to the dreamlike inner gardens of the hotel, lit by torches and enveloped with heavenly live harp music. The awe in the girls’ eyes was a delight to watch.

Christmas Comes Alive - Part 2

Joanna Dimon

For the last four years, we’ve enjoyed hosting a large Christmas event for about 100 children from low-income families in our village on the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico. This year, our volunteers from The Family International requested sponsorship from the corporate office of HEB grocers to host this ever-growing Christmas party.

Rescate: Vanguard of Values programs in Monterrey, Mexico

Emanuella Christensen

In December 2009 Rescate was granted 3,023 character building books by Activated ministries to further our “Vanguard of Values” programs.

During the last weeks of December we organized 5 events benefiting 2250 children. Each program included free book distributions, our puppet version of “A Christmas Carol”, and Christmas toys for the kids.

All the events were hosted in highly marginalized communities of Monterrey, Mexico where the children live in extreme poverty.

Dates and Locations:

Vanguard of Values programs in Monterrey, Mexico

Emanuella Christensen

A Delinquency Epidemic –The current situation

Imagine you are 13 years old and on your daily walk to school you pass the local drug dealer Mr. Z, selling little packets of crack, blow or weed to clients on the street corner of your school. Would you alert the local police on the opposite corner of the school who are primarily occupied with ticketing speeding drivers? If you did, would you be surprised to see the police only notify Mr. Z to move down a few blocks, away from the immediate school district?

Youth Rescue in Guadalajara, Mexico

Kim Kelley

An overwhelming number of children in Guadalajara, Mexico are abandoned, orphaned, abused and living on the streets. The care of orphans and street children is therefore among the primary concerns of Youth Rescue.

Children’s Day in Cienega de Flores, Mexico

Abraham Motola

Our volunteers at PROIFFAM (Proyecto Integral de Formación a la Familia) had been planning for our children's day event in the city of Cienga de Flores for some time. All the children were waiting in anticipation since this event meant games, food, gifts, and a few hours of recreation and fun.