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Prison ministry


"Learning To Fly" Prison Inmate Program - 2013

If you haven't already heard, our Patricino Un Libro team has expanded our services to include programs for prison inmates in Mexico City. Over the past year, over 72 female inmates participated in our 6 month “Learning to Fly” program, which consists of a series of classes, workshops and personal counseling sessions.

Christmas at Dominguez State Prison, Texas

Richard Story

This is a story of two of our missionaries who teach weekly Bible classes at their local prison. The classes are known all over this prison as “Overcomers”.

Lives changing in a San Antonio prison

Richard Story

Many ask what can be done about the problem our society has with crime. Our nation’s prisons are filled to capacity, with more and more prisons being built each year. Statistics from the Bureau of Justice say that 700,000 inmates will be released from America’s prisons this year. And it is believed that 67 percent of them will commit another crime within three years of being released. Is there anything that we can do to help alleviate this problem?

San Antonio Prison Ministry

Richard Story

We are very grateful to once again receive sponsorship from Activated Ministries in the form of free devotional Christian booklets for our ministry with the Hayes County Juvenile Center and a correctional facility in San Antonio.

Lives Changed at Hays County Juvenile Center

Richard Story

We want to thank Activated Ministries for giving so unselfishly to our Juvenile Center outreach ministry here in San Antonio! It’s been so rewarding to distribute the sponsored “Who Cares” booklets; they’ve been perfect for the residents of this center by helping them to grow in faith.

Sharing God's word with inmates

Angelina Kelly

We started in December, 2006 with one prison in one state. We are now reaching inmates in 41 different prisons in 35 states with the Activated magazines. Every month, our volunteers mail the sponsored Activated magazines to several different types of correctional facilities, including men’s maximum security prisons, women’s prisons, correctional institutions for the youth, boot camp programs, and prison rehab programs.