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Bringing comfort to the families of the sick in San Antonio

Leslie Jones

The Ronald McDonald House is a home-away-from home where families can stay while their children are being treated at San Antonio’s various medical centers. The houses accommodate a total of 50 families with an average of 150 children.

A Message of Hope and Comfort

On December 17, 2006, a team of eight people packed up guitars, bongos and musical equipment and headed to a local shelter that houses young people, ages 12-17, who are illegal immigrants. All have been caught in this country without any adult relatives, many of them escaping very difficult or even life threatening situations in their own countries in Central America.

Visiting the Sick

Maureen McNally

On December 12th, we visited our three community Hospitals, two of which we have been visiting and singing at since Christmas 2003. This Christmas the children and staff at Shriners Burns Hospital and UTMB Hospital (both in Galveston, Texas) as well as those at Mainland Medical Hospital in Texas City were happily surprised not only by our cheerful voices caroling of Jesus’ birth and “His power and glory that evermore shall reign” but also by the special gifts we were able to bring them.

Giving Christmas to the needy in Peru

Rosa Maria Sanfilippo

Together with our Bible study group members we were able to visit some of the poorest places in Lima, Peru throughout this Christmas season.

Christmas Comes Alive - Part 2

Joanna Dimon

For the last four years, we’ve enjoyed hosting a large Christmas event for about 100 children from low-income families in our village on the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico. This year, our volunteers from The Family International requested sponsorship from the corporate office of HEB grocers to host this ever-growing Christmas party.

Christmas programs for the poor and disabled in Baja California

James Smith

Activated Baja volunteers jumped into the Christmas season to make Jesus' birthday a special and memorable occasion for many poor and disabled children in Baja California. In cooperation with the DIF of Ensenada, we put together a program for special needs children (physically and mentally challenged, deaf, and blind), who came with their parents and teachers. After a presentation from the DIF, the Activated Baja volunteers took over the entertainment with free balloons, face-painting, Christian educational booklets, music CDs,and cupcakes for all!