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Yilan Family Mission Christmas events

Peter Truasheim

During Christmas 2009, Yilan Mission volunteers performed seventeen Christmas performances in Yilan County, Nanao and Hualien. These visits included hospitals, handicapped centers, elementary schools in aboriginal villages, an orphanage, nursing homes for the elderly and a university Christmas party.

A very special Christmas made possible in difficult financial times

Peter Truasheim

This Christmas season, volunteers from The Family International in Luaodong performed Christmas programs for the eighth consecutive year in the Yilan and Hualien counties of Taiwan.

The world-wide economic crisis made this year somewhat different from previous years as so many people were suffering financially. Thanks to the sponsored materials we received from Activated Ministries we were able to give Christmas presents to those who would not have other wise received anything for Christmas.

Luodong Family Missions Christmas Outreach in Taiwan

Peter Truasheim

In December 2007, our volunteer team of The Luodong Family Missionaries traveled along the beautiful and rugged east coast of Taiwan from Yilan county to Hualien. The purpose of our trip was to stay for several days in the city of Hualien to bring the Christmas spirit to the communities in the city.

Central Taiwan Christmas Cheer Drive

Jeffrey Groft

Our crew of 12 members of The Family International, from Danswei, Taoyuen, and Taichung city, met for a week of giving the gift that is forever, Jesus’ love and the joy of Christmas. Thanks to Activated Ministries, we were able to give away a total of 300 Activated Magazines for adults and children, 100 Christmas CD cards, as well as 200 posters for Children in Mandarin Chinese.

Making the invisible visible, Part 1

Izabelle Nizincourt

Our three Christmas celebrations for the disadvantaged in México City put us in contact with many “invisible” people, those whom most of society don’t see or hear about. “Patricino un Libro” (Sponsor a Book) volunteers are so thankful that we were able to show these desperately poor people some recognition, encouragement and love during the Christmas season.

The “Pepenadores” of Ciudad Neza