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Opening our home to orphans for Christmas, South Africa

Esther McGinley

It was our 17th Christmas here in Durban, South Africa, and we invited underprivileged children from the area to a Christmas camp. There are so many children waiting to attend these camps: specifically children who have no one else to take them for this special time in the year. I think all of us can agree that Christmas is a time for families to be together, a time we remember year after year – so for these children we became their family.

Christmas books to the children of fallen police officers, Pretoria

Oliver Biard

We have been thrilled to have been able to give 200 sponsored copies of the beautiful “Christmas Long Ago” story book to the Spiritual Services department of the South Africa Police Service here in Pretoria.

The SAPS Spiritual Service department provides vital help and support to bereaving families who have experienced loss in the line of duty. The Christmas Long Ago story books and read-along CDs will make beautiful inspirational gifts for these boys and girls, many of whom have been through so much.

Christmas programs and assistance to remote mountain communities in Peru

Astrid Navaja

Our basic goal in our community in Huarez, Peru is to combine physical help and practical training with spiritual counseling in order to better the lives of the people we are here to help. The Activated materials are perfect as they achieve all three aspects of our goal!


Reaching the Fiji Islands

Richard Harland

Our small volunteer team has been coming to Fiji every year for five years now, reaching not only the Fiji islands, but also the surrounding island countries such as Vanuatu, Samoa and Tonga. During this time we’ve conducted numerous programs in schools, colleges and prisons, as well as carrying out some book distribution projects in poor village schools.

Christmas in South Africa - Part 5

Trip to rural area in Limpopo Province

19th and 20th of December

Total people served: 164 (40 mothers and 65 children, 2 crèches with a total of 59 children).

We took a three hour trip out of Johannesburg to Limpopo Province, to two small villages, the former home of a part-time volunteer. Though Abraham lives and works in Johannesburg now and is actively witnessing here, he regularly returns to visit not only his family but also other needy people in the communities there.

Christmas in South Africa - Part 4

Christmas Party for Elderly from Brixton

15th of December

Total people served: 121

Christmas in South Africa - Part 3

Christmas Party in Diepsloot

11th of December

Total people served: 40

Christmas in South Africa - Part 2

Christmas Party in Zakkariya Park

12th of December

Total people served: 128

We have been in touch with the members of an non-profit that does their best to help orphans, children from needy families and child-headed households in their community in Zakkariya Park,Vlakfontein. Zakkariya Park is a fairly new township about 30 km south of Johannesburg. We’ve been helping them with bi-weekly donations of bread throughout the past years and wanted to support them in their efforts by organizing an event for the children this Christmas.

Christmas in South Africa - Part 1

Joseph Bistachu

One of our goals for this year was to challenge and assist those that we have been teaching and working with over the past years to do something for others in their communities. To inspire and motivate our friends and members, at the beginning of the year, we held 3 one-day seminars on organizing and running volunteer projects. It was encouraging to see everyone’s enthusiasm. The events this Christmas were largely organized by our volunteers in response to this input and training.

Christmas Party in Evaton West Township