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Giving Christmas to the needy in Peru

Rosa Maria Sanfilippo

Together with our Bible study group members we were able to visit some of the poorest places in Lima, Peru throughout this Christmas season.

Christmas programs and assistance to remote mountain communities in Peru

Astrid Navaja

Our basic goal in our community in Huarez, Peru is to combine physical help and practical training with spiritual counseling in order to better the lives of the people we are here to help. The Activated materials are perfect as they achieve all three aspects of our goal!


Christmas Joy in Santana, Northern Peru

Angela Anderson

In my village, large families share one bedroom in small homes with dirt floors. Chickens run through the house and either pigs or goats are right outside the door. The delicious smell of stew cooking in a large pot over an open fire in the yard calls everyone in from the farm or rice field to gather soon for dinner. My people in the village in Santana, in northern Peru are happy and peaceful, and what I anticipate most is my yearly visit to bring them all the essentials and help that I can provide.

Sponsor a Book program visits Lima Hospitals for Christmas

Maria & Jacek Zychowicz

On December 21 and 23, 2011, we had the most wonderful experience of this year's humanitarian projects in Lima. Every year we organize “Sponsor a Book” program; distributing character building materials books in the poverty stricken areas of Lima. This year while planning the program we were thinking of who would appreciate those great books the most and so we decided to give them to hospitalized children.

Sponsor a Book program on Fiestas de Patries

Maria Zychowicz

Recently we had the opportunity to hold a wonderful event sponsored by Activated Ministries, for Fiestas de Patries, Peruvian Independence Day, in Lima . The event was for the 500 children of the Institucion de Educativa N 0097, Patrica Antonia Lopez, in the Santa Anita district.

11 of Lima's poorest schools receive books

Jacek Zychowicz

On December 4th, 2009, our volunteers took place in a ceremony at the mayor’soffice of the Santa Anita district of Lima where we presented educational books and DVDs to 11 of the poorest schools in the district. Each school received 29 DVDs, six beautifully illustrated hard cover books containing CD with narration, 10 CDs with songs and dramas, 2 sets of 35 posters portraying good manners and spiritual values, and last but not least, a motivational quote book for the principal’s desk.

Christmas presents to the impoverished children of Peru

Rod Henderson

Thanks to sponsorship from Activated ministries we were able to distribute around 1,200 sets of coloring books, 1,200 sets of memory games and 1,200 Christmas Activated magazines to some of the poorest children in Peru. This distribution took place during Christmas 2009 at celebrations in 10 different locations including schools, orphanages, community centers, children’s hospital wards, including the cancer and burnsections, and poor neighborhoods.

Giving Christmas joy to the patients of San Juan de Dios

Edgard Astete

We would like to wholeheartedly thank you, Activated Ministries, for the great support you have been in providing us with the excellent Aurora Productions materials. It has enabled us to help various educational and health institutions in the poorest areas of Peru both physically and spiritually.