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Sponsor a Book program on Fiestas de Patries

Maria Zychowicz

Recently we had the opportunity to hold a wonderful event sponsored by Activated Ministries, for Fiestas de Patries, Peruvian Independence Day, in Lima . The event was for the 500 children of the Institucion de Educativa N 0097, Patrica Antonia Lopez, in the Santa Anita district.

This was our first "Sponsor a Book" program distributing free character building and educational storybooks from the Grandpa Jake series. "Treasures of the Sea" contains 6 stories with values and 2 coloring books from our value set in Spanish and English. We also featured a magic show by Magician Jan who played games with the children and gave them gifts. The event was a success!

We were very happy to be able to start this program and distributed 500 storybooks and 1000 coloring books in one of the poorest areas in Lima. We are hoping to continue this program with the help of local companies and want to thank Activated Ministries for making it all possible and investing in children of Peru.