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Malawi Mission, 2012


We would like to THANK Activated Ministries for again generously sponsoring Activated material for the mission work in Malawi

This is the report of our trip to Malawi in July 2012 of the distribution of the 20 sets of Activated Books which were so kindly sponsored by Activated Ministries.

Project Cartwheel on the road

Angela Mischke

The adventure began when we left Pretoria, South Africa, in a convoy of 7 vehicles, 4 trailers, and 28 people who love Jesus enough to go out to preach the gospel to the “uttermost parts of the earth!” The ends of the earth is certainly how it felt when we reached the end of the tarred road in the southwestern part of Zambia, and traveled on dirt roads that were not even charted on the GPS maps used by 4x4 enthusiasts in Southern Africa.

Activated Baja in Collaboration with Big Ben School

Joy Peck

Activated Baja was approached by a 6th grade teacher name Tammy from Big Ben School (Colegio Big Ben de Londres) in Ensenada. As part of the curriculum, the students from her 6th grade class needed to participate in some social work in the local community. Tammy asked us if we had any suggestions for them.

Hair Styling for Mother’s Day at Casa De Esperanza

Joy Peck

On Mother’s Day, Activated Baja chose to do something special for the seven mothers residing at Casa De Esperanza (House of Hope). This is a home for women who have suffered from domestic violence. Most of them are mothers with children. We coordinated with a local hairdresser, who agreed to lower her regular fee on our behalf.

Activated Baja Collaborates with UABC Students of Ensenada

A group of 40 UABC students landed at the orphanage Reino de los Niños excited and happy; their big day had finally arrived. Their four hour plan included presents, piñatas, pizzas, games and more! Activated Baja volunteered to contribute to the students scheduled event by bringing their "Puppets with Values" show, along with some games, and arts and crafts.

Activated Baja Collaborates with the DIF of Ensenada

Joy Peck

The sports auditorium echoed with the joyful shouts and excited laughter of the 2000 children as they waited anxiously in the bleachers. The emcee gave the word and groups of children came pouring down by turn. They were ready to start having fun in the many different canopies that had been set up.

These children had come from schools all over Ensenada to take part in the entertaining activities which were hosted by the DIF of Ensenada for Dia del Nino. Activated Baja had been called upon to participate by bringing our "Puppets with Values" show.

Wordstock IV, May 2007

Activated Ministries was happy to once again help sponsor the Christian camp “Wordstock”. For the past four years this annual camp has gathered hundreds of teens around North America from The Family International Christian fellowship for an unforgettable week of music, fellowship and spiritual input.

Family Care Uganda - Outreach Sponsorship

Recently Family Care Uganda, a project supported by Activated ministries, was contacted by Richard and Sally Hoffman, who had been missionaries to the Ik some 10 years earlier, asking if they would consider helping to record Bible stories in Icetot (pronounced i-che-tot) the language of the Ik tribe. Following is an account given by a volunteer at Family Care Uganda detailing this project and their first visit to meet the Ik:

Uganda, Africa

RadioActive Productions and Family Care Uganda (NGO) have been set up to work towards bringing God’s love to the Ugandan people through radio and charity work. Our syndicated show, ‘Nu Beat’ has been played weekly on 8 different radio stations covering the whole of Uganda even out in the far reaching villages where here, if people have not much else, they have a radio! Aside from this we have a live 3-hour show, called ‘Get Activated’ on the largest vernacular station here.

Sending Comfort to Tsunami Victims

To all those at Activated Ministries,

I want to again thank you for your kind offer to help with the costs of the various inspirational and enriching audio and visual materials as well as the uplifting printed Word for the tsunami victims and survivors in Phuket.