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11 of Lima's poorest schools receive books

Jacek Zychowicz

On December 4th, 2009, our volunteers took place in a ceremony at the mayor’soffice of the Santa Anita district of Lima where we presented educational books and DVDs to 11 of the poorest schools in the district. Each school received 29 DVDs, six beautifully illustrated hard cover books containing CD with narration, 10 CDs with songs and dramas, 2 sets of 35 posters portraying good manners and spiritual values, and last but not least, a motivational quote book for the principal’s desk.

Christmas presents to the impoverished children of Peru

Rod Henderson

Thanks to sponsorship from Activated ministries we were able to distribute around 1,200 sets of coloring books, 1,200 sets of memory games and 1,200 Christmas Activated magazines to some of the poorest children in Peru. This distribution took place during Christmas 2009 at celebrations in 10 different locations including schools, orphanages, community centers, children’s hospital wards, including the cancer and burnsections, and poor neighborhoods.

Children's education given a much needed boost in Lima, Peru

José Frias

The city of Lima, Peru, though poor, is rich in care and concern for its city and its people.

A beautiful illustration of this came to us through the government organization of INABF which currently runs 33 orphanages with over 3000 children as well as 35 schools in some of the poorest parts of the country.

Last year during our first contact with them, they had excitedly purchased an entire set of the Treasure Attic DVD’s, which is a wonderful children’s educational video series.

Free DVD’s to 34 Schools in Peru

José Frías

As part of our Christian Value educational support program here in Peru, we regularly make missionary trips to cities in the interior of the country to publicize the Cherub Wings and Treasure Attic DVDs. A year ago, our volunteer team went to Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru. During this trip we met a nun, Mother Zaleta, who is the president of an association of 34 schools located in the outskirts of the city. She warmly welcomed us and invited us to join her in a meeting she was to hold that very afternoon with the school’s principals.

Four public service facilities in South Texas receive free CDs

Therese D'Abadie

On November 4, 2009, we visited four facilities in South Texas to distribute 100 Activated Ministries sponsored music CD’s, books and DVD’s! Everyone we visited was so thrilled to receive them and we’d like to offer special thanks to Activated Ministries for your generous sponsorship.

96 music CD’s to Friendship of Women in Brownsville, Texas. It is a shelter for battered women and children.

Port Isabel Housing Authority Community Center received CD’s and calendars in Spanish for low-income residents.

1300 Activated Magazines and 450 Christmas CD’s distributed in Mackay Hospitals

Danny McNally

During the first week of December 2010, 18 members of The Family International along with some friends joined together to bring a Christmas show and make room visitations to thousands in two branches of the Mackay Hospitals here in Taipei, Taiwan.

A very special Christmas made possible in difficult financial times

Peter Truasheim

This Christmas season, volunteers from The Family International in Luaodong performed Christmas programs for the eighth consecutive year in the Yilan and Hualien counties of Taiwan.

The world-wide economic crisis made this year somewhat different from previous years as so many people were suffering financially. Thanks to the sponsored materials we received from Activated Ministries we were able to give Christmas presents to those who would not have other wise received anything for Christmas.

Hope and healing for former child soldiers and orphans in Uganda

Robin Yamaguchi

“What beautiful books! I’ve never seen anything so pretty!” exclaimed Vicky, a student at Laroo Junior School in Gulu, Northern Uganda. Vicky is 12 and lives alone with her younger sister, with no relatives or parents to help them. Since having the opportunity to join the school, she has blossomed into the most earnest of students, so extremely grateful to have this chance to study and learn life-skills.