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Children's education given a much needed boost in Lima, Peru

José Frias

The city of Lima, Peru, though poor, is rich in care and concern for its city and its people.

A beautiful illustration of this came to us through the government organization of INABF which currently runs 33 orphanages with over 3000 children as well as 35 schools in some of the poorest parts of the country.

Last year during our first contact with them, they had excitedly purchased an entire set of the Treasure Attic DVD’s, which is a wonderful children’s educational video series.

When we contacted them this year, they mentioned that they had a vast need for more sets as the demand for them was much greater than anticipated. However, because of the poor state of the country, they were not able to afford enough to fill the void.

We decided to see what we could do to help and submitted a request to Activated Ministries. They came through for us with a donation of 363 Treasure Attic DVD’s!

The organization of INABF was so excited that they arranged an entire ceremony to accept the donation.

Representatives from each of the orphanages and schools attended, as well as the Executive director who also happens to be the Vice Minister of Lima, Peru.

He gave an impassioned speech about the benefits of using these materials to further INABF’s goals of giving the children the needed foundation in morals and values as well as finding ways to reach their hearts with the love and happiness that they so desperately needed.

Afterwards we were able to give a presentation to all of the representatives on how to use the DVD’s to accomplish these goals.

As a result of all of this, we’ve received invitations to many other shelters and institutions all across the country and the Treasure Attic series is being recommended to the governments National Television station by the Vice Minister himself.

The INABF also promised to send a report on how the materials were helping them to accomplish their goals and what affect they were having on the children’s lives.

The morals and values that these materials teach are going to be spread far and wide throughout the entire city of Lima and all this is because of the kindness and generosity of Activated Ministries.