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Free DVD’s to 34 Schools in Peru

José Frías

As part of our Christian Value educational support program here in Peru, we regularly make missionary trips to cities in the interior of the country to publicize the Cherub Wings and Treasure Attic DVDs. A year ago, our volunteer team went to Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru. During this trip we met a nun, Mother Zaleta, who is the president of an association of 34 schools located in the outskirts of the city. She warmly welcomed us and invited us to join her in a meeting she was to hold that very afternoon with the school’s principals.

We prepared a presentation of the DVD’s which we had been advertising at other schools in town. However, after addressing an attentive and very receptive audience, we were told that the schools were for people of limited resources and that their educational material came from donations. In order to take advantage of the opportunity to have the material, they collected the money from the scarce common funds they had available and bought a set of 14 DVD’s which they would then take turns using throughout the 34 schools and orphanages. We were touched by their genuine interest for the children and the effort they made. Several months later, we received a notice regarding the Activated Ministries sponsorship program, and a number of weeks later we received 34 free DVD sets to be distributed at the schools.

When we told Mother Zaleta that we had been able to get a donation for her schools, she was thrilled and thanked us for thinking of them. We then arranged a delivery date in which the 34 school and orphanage principals would be present. We started the meeting with a workshop seminar where we further detailed the objectives of the videos and stressed what useful tools they are for cultivating Christian values in a new and entertaining way. We shared testimonials from other schools regarding ways to use the material in the children’s upbringing, as well as accounts we received about positive changes which had been observed in different groups of children. The audience reacted enthusiastically and was able to clearly see the great possibilities they had to strengthen the value formation at their schools. We closed the meeting with a heartfelt prayer in which they all asked the Jesus to come into their lives as their personal Savior, as well as His guidance to fulfill the mission they have.

The following day, Mother Zaleta took us for a visit to the various schools and orphanages so we could deliver the donations sent by Activated Ministries. We were touched by how they welcomed us: some schools prepared small performances and the children dedicated poems to us and even prepared songs to show us their gratitude. At the same time, we had the chance to give out poster tracts and lead them in prayer to receive Jesus into their lives. At the closing of our trip we had delivered 475 DVDs, 2,000 poster tracts, and 1,200 people – both adults and children – had prayed to receive Jesus. Thanks to this donation, 8,500 children will be getting a first class training based on the Christian values in the Cherub Wings and Treasure Attic DVD’s.

We wish to take the opportunity to thank Activated Ministries for this valuable donation which has allowed us to carry out a job that we are certain will bear eternal benefits. God bless you and thank you for your generous help!