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Grandparents Week in Baja, Mexico

James Smith

Activated Ministries volunteers in Baja California worked alongside the Mexican Social Welfare Department (DIF) in making Grandparents Week a series of exciting and memorable events designed to honor and highlight the local senior citizens. Running and walking races at the sports complex with awards for all! Special dinner and dance at the elegant Riviera hotel! Shopping bazaars selling handicraft products from the elderly! Activated magazines, balloons, snacks, prizes, and loads of fun!

Christmas programs for the poor and disabled in Baja California

James Smith

Activated Baja volunteers jumped into the Christmas season to make Jesus' birthday a special and memorable occasion for many poor and disabled children in Baja California. In cooperation with the DIF of Ensenada, we put together a program for special needs children (physically and mentally challenged, deaf, and blind), who came with their parents and teachers. After a presentation from the DIF, the Activated Baja volunteers took over the entertainment with free balloons, face-painting, Christian educational booklets, music CDs,and cupcakes for all!

Lots of smiles on Mandela’s Day

Natalie Emery

“So what are you doing for Mandela’s Day?” After hearing this question several times, I determined to do something special to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday! What better way than giving underprivileged kids a fun and happy time? We targeted two different institutions in Johannesburg, a HIV orphanage and a boarding school for physically disabled children that we collaborate with weekly. They were adopted as the focus of our program.

Empowering an impoverished community through education

Luz Teresa Solá

Arriba las Manos would like to thank Activated Ministries for its donation of educational books and audio/visual resources. These materials have been an invaluable contribution over the last year to the activities of Arriba las Manos in the impoverished community of Ararca.

Ararca is a small island enclave 50 kilometers from Cartagena, Colombia. The village was formed over 200 years ago by runaway slaves, and since then this community of over 1,200 people has struggled to meet its most basic needs.

According to a recent study on Ararca:

100 families helped in Maranguaqe, Brazil

Luiz Menezes

The partnership of Association CEEU with Activated Ministries has brought wonderful results in the city of Maranguape, in the State of the Ceará, Brazil. Our social assistance to one hundred families who live on the peripheries of the city been greatly aided by the sponsorship of Activated Ministries.

Project Descubrete at the Cervantino 2010 Festival

Shelly Guild

Shivering slightly, she stood at the front of the line of eager faces, hand in hand with a perfect stranger. What gave this quiet young woman the courage to enter a tent marked “Carpa del Destino” with someone she had never met, to pray and to listen for the voice of God? Was it curiosity? Desperation? The compelling play we had both watched, or the meaningful songs that followed?

150 books to the children of Chile

Sara Garcia

Our volunteers have used the Christmas season as a way to reach the children of Chile with the message of God’s love for the last 12 years. Usually we hold Christmas parties to sing carols, tell the story of the first Christmas, have refreshments and then give out toys to the children.

Children's Day in Bogota, Columbia

Alvaro Baez

The Las Arenitas preschool education center is located in one of the many violence-threatened neighborhoods in Bogota, Columbia. Most of the children who attend are from single-parent homes, and most mothers have been victims of abuse. One doesn’t need to go too far from the city to find these areas in which poverty and violence are rampant.