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Activated Baja Collaborates with UABC Students of Ensenada

A group of 40 UABC students landed at the orphanage Reino de los Niños excited and happy; their big day had finally arrived. Their four hour plan included presents, piñatas, pizzas, games and more! Activated Baja volunteered to contribute to the students scheduled event by bringing their "Puppets with Values" show, along with some games, and arts and crafts.

Activated Baja Collaborates with the DIF of Ensenada

Joy Peck

The sports auditorium echoed with the joyful shouts and excited laughter of the 2000 children as they waited anxiously in the bleachers. The emcee gave the word and groups of children came pouring down by turn. They were ready to start having fun in the many different canopies that had been set up.

These children had come from schools all over Ensenada to take part in the entertaining activities which were hosted by the DIF of Ensenada for Dia del Nino. Activated Baja had been called upon to participate by bringing our "Puppets with Values" show.

Christmas programs for the poor and disabled in Baja California

James Smith

Activated Baja volunteers jumped into the Christmas season to make Jesus' birthday a special and memorable occasion for many poor and disabled children in Baja California. In cooperation with the DIF of Ensenada, we put together a program for special needs children (physically and mentally challenged, deaf, and blind), who came with their parents and teachers. After a presentation from the DIF, the Activated Baja volunteers took over the entertainment with free balloons, face-painting, Christian educational booklets, music CDs,and cupcakes for all!

Dental Campaign in Maneadero, Baja California

Carmen Gutierrez

We met Oscar (who works in a branch of the local government for social assistance) at the home of some mutual friends. As he spoke English, soon he and my husband Paul were deep in a conversation about helping the community of Ensenada. We exchanged phone numbers and tried to phone him a few times but he was always busy. Would this be one of those “chance meetings” and nothing else?