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500 children's Activated magazines given to a school and orphanage in Pretoria

Carlos Viana

The Kids Activated Magazine featuring Prayer proved to be an incredible asset to many children in several schools and orphanages that we visit regularly here in Pretoria, South Africa. The text in the magazine is simple and there are plenty of pictures to illustrate the three stories in it, making it easy to read and interesting. It's both feeding and entertaining for the children.

The Family Cares, Durban, South Africa


We would like to say a special thanks to Activated Ministries for sponsoring the wonderful children's Activated magazines for our project here in Durban, South Africa. We are Franz and Terry from The Family Cares organization, and we have been doing full-time missionary work for over thirty years in various countries around the world.

Enhlanhleni Isibani Sezwe Organization

Enhlanhleni Isibani Sezwe (Zulu for “Light To The Nations”) is located in KwaDabeka Township in Durban, South Africa.

Rescate: Vanguard of Values programs in Monterrey, Mexico

Emanuella Christensen

In December 2009 Rescate was granted 3,023 character building books by Activated ministries to further our “Vanguard of Values” programs.

During the last weeks of December we organized 5 events benefiting 2250 children. Each program included free book distributions, our puppet version of “A Christmas Carol”, and Christmas toys for the kids.

All the events were hosted in highly marginalized communities of Monterrey, Mexico where the children live in extreme poverty.

Dates and Locations:

Vanguard of Values programs in Monterrey, Mexico

Emanuella Christensen

A Delinquency Epidemic –The current situation

Imagine you are 13 years old and on your daily walk to school you pass the local drug dealer Mr. Z, selling little packets of crack, blow or weed to clients on the street corner of your school. Would you alert the local police on the opposite corner of the school who are primarily occupied with ticketing speeding drivers? If you did, would you be surprised to see the police only notify Mr. Z to move down a few blocks, away from the immediate school district?

Visit to Casa Hogar de Ancianos in Ensenada

Joy Peck

Activated Ministries volunteers had been hoping to make a visit to a local home for the elderly here in Ensenada. After making a few calls and inquiries, we got in touch with the director of Casa Hogar del Ancianos. We made a preliminary visit to the retirement home to assess their needs, see what we could do to help, and to plan a small event for a later date.

Celebrating the real meaning of Christmas in Baja

Issac Lopez

This year our team of four volunteers and three children visited four local orphanages during the Christmas season: Casa de Paz, Buenavida, Albergue Temporal, and Puerta de Fe. During these visits we were able to distribute products sponsored by Activated Ministries as gifts to the children. 140 Grandpa Jake’s Christmas storybooks, 140 activity booklets, 200 Activated magazines, 30 greeting cards with an audio CD of Christmas carols, and 100 The Wonder of Christmas hardcover books were given to the orphans.