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Children's magazines


500 children's Activated magazines given to a school and orphanage in Pretoria

Carlos Viana

The Kids Activated Magazine featuring Prayer proved to be an incredible asset to many children in several schools and orphanages that we visit regularly here in Pretoria, South Africa. The text in the magazine is simple and there are plenty of pictures to illustrate the three stories in it, making it easy to read and interesting. It's both feeding and entertaining for the children.

The Family Cares, Durban, South Africa


We would like to say a special thanks to Activated Ministries for sponsoring the wonderful children's Activated magazines for our project here in Durban, South Africa. We are Franz and Terry from The Family Cares organization, and we have been doing full-time missionary work for over thirty years in various countries around the world.

Enhlanhleni Isibani Sezwe Organization

Enhlanhleni Isibani Sezwe (Zulu for “Light To The Nations”) is located in KwaDabeka Township in Durban, South Africa.