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Giving Christmas joy to the patients of San Juan de Dios

Edgard Astete

We would like to wholeheartedly thank you, Activated Ministries, for the great support you have been in providing us with the excellent Aurora Productions materials. It has enabled us to help various educational and health institutions in the poorest areas of Peru both physically and spiritually.

This Christmas season we were able to give aid to a Home Clinic, San Juan de Dios, who provide health services to over 600,000 patients a year, most of them being children. This clinic specializes in and is known nationwide for their work in orthopedics, orthopedic surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation. They have also become known for their assistance to the economically disadvantaged.

As this institution takes in many children, when we gave them the donation of 615 DVDs, 75 Books of Stories with an audio CD, 60 children’s music CDs and 30 Sets of Start Early posters, they were very enthusiastic and excited to receive all the materials. Aside from the physical care the nurses are able to give, they also want to offer emotional and moral support, and teach Christian values to the children. The doctors and nurses expressed that these materials are going to be very useful in their Mental Health programs.

Walter, who as a child was treated at this hospital due to a congenital malformation, is now the director responsible for receiving donations and thanked us profusely. He told us how grateful he was for organizations like ours, willing to work and be “God's hands” in order to help the needy. Walter immediately distributed the DVD’s to the patients’ resting halls and waiting rooms, giving the hospital a Christmassy feel. There were some children present at the time the DVD’s were placed in these rooms, and witnessing their happiness, emotion and exuberance was one of the best rewards that we could receive.

Again, thank you very much for enabling us to help the disadvantaged with the invaluable message of God’s love and hope. We know that God will bless you for your generosity.