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book distribution


Christmas Joy in Santana, Northern Peru

Angela Anderson

In my village, large families share one bedroom in small homes with dirt floors. Chickens run through the house and either pigs or goats are right outside the door. The delicious smell of stew cooking in a large pot over an open fire in the yard calls everyone in from the farm or rice field to gather soon for dinner. My people in the village in Santana, in northern Peru are happy and peaceful, and what I anticipate most is my yearly visit to bring them all the essentials and help that I can provide.

Christmas in the Sierras

This Christmas we hosted two large Christmas events for the poor in our area: one at the food kitchen where we have donated food for the last three years in the nearby Sierra mountains, and another for our local Bible study group in our little village. We’re very grateful to Activated Ministries for sponsoring the Christian books, posters, tracts, tapes, CD's and magazines that we distributed at these events.

Christmas at the free food kitchen

Christmas parties for impoverished townships in Johannesburg

Natalie Emery

I live in an amazing city: modernity and wealth mix together with extreme poverty, sickness and injustice on a daily basis. Welcome to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Music and laughter at an extreme poverty zone in Peru

Jose Frias

We want to express our thankfulness to Activated Ministries for making possible once again an important contribution to the children of the neediest sectors of Peru.

Our mission is to raise the quality of life and education of the children in this country and one of the major contributions that we have been making during these years is through the distribution of audio/visual material from “Aurora Productions”. These materials promote values and positive attitudes in an entertaining way and are well-received by the children.