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Children's Day


Children’s Day in Cienega de Flores, Mexico

Abraham Motola

Our volunteers at PROIFFAM (Proyecto Integral de Formación a la Familia) had been planning for our children's day event in the city of Cienga de Flores for some time. All the children were waiting in anticipation since this event meant games, food, gifts, and a few hours of recreation and fun.

Cienega De Flores Event in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Abraham Luna

Our volunteers had been preparing for El Dia Del Niño (Children’s Day) for a number of weeks, since is a very important day in Mexico and we had something very special for the kids of this county. The DIF of the county had helped us in the weeks leading up to Dia Del Nino to advertise, and we went from school to school posting signs for the upcoming event. Our focus was to help the neediest areas of the neighborhood and help to create a fun, memorable experience for these poor families and children.