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youth outreach


Bringing Activated to seafarers on the ports of Melbourne, Australia

Irene Glase

“Seafarers face a complex range of health and welfare issues, including considerable levels of stress, criminalization, excessive working hours, reduced crewing and often poor standards of crew accommodation and communication equipment.

“Seafaring is one of the loneliest and most dangerous jobs in the world. Every day thousands of ships sail the world’s seas and oceans operated by a small number of crew who spend months away from those they love." - Nautilus International Telegraph

Youth Rescue in Guadalajara, Mexico

Kim Kelley

An overwhelming number of children in Guadalajara, Mexico are abandoned, orphaned, abused and living on the streets. The care of orphans and street children is therefore among the primary concerns of Youth Rescue.

Taiwan Activated Incentive Program

For a month the Youth Reach Youth team here in Taiwan had been anticipating the day we would all meet in the central city of Taiwan, Taichung for a day of workshops, classes, music, and Christian outreach. All the attendees were eager to swap stories about how they had made the entrance requirements of selling three Activated magazine subscriptions.