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Spring Break!

I just returned from a 3 week furlough in Australia. A dear friend shocked me by sending a free ticket to visit my family and friends in Aussie! Can you imagine??! It was the most brilliant 3 weeks holiday ever! I had a real break, and wonderful time to reconnect with friends and family in Australia.

Bringing Activated to seafarers on the ports of Melbourne, Australia

Irene Glase

“Seafarers face a complex range of health and welfare issues, including considerable levels of stress, criminalization, excessive working hours, reduced crewing and often poor standards of crew accommodation and communication equipment.

“Seafaring is one of the loneliest and most dangerous jobs in the world. Every day thousands of ships sail the world’s seas and oceans operated by a small number of crew who spend months away from those they love." - Nautilus International Telegraph

Counseling and comfort to ship crewmembers in Melborne, Australia

Irene Glase

The Activated magazines have been a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration to countless seafarers whose ships arrive in Melbourne each day of the week. Having an assortment of magazines creates a library for the ships so that any new crewmember can be encouraged as the ship docks at ports all over the world. Thank you, Activated Ministries, for fulfilling a need for spiritual and emotional encouragement for these seafarers, who are often separated from their loved ones for long periods of time.

Counseling and comfort to the ports of Melbourne, Australia

Irene Glase

For the past three years, Family International volunteers have been conducting spiritual counseling to seafarers in Melbourne, Australia.