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900 Books sponsored for Lugu township, Taiwan

Peter Wescombe

Family International Service Association of Taiwan (FISAT), in collaboration with the Lugu Tea Farmers Association, conducted a book sponsorship project in the Lugu township during December, 2010. Lugu is a small rural township at the base of a high mountain tea growing region of central Taiwan. Most of the locals are aborigines from the Bunan tribe. The Lugu Tea Farmers Association arranged with the education department for books to be distributed to all 900 primary school students from 6 schools in the township and outlying villages. FISAT volunteers, accompanied by executives from the Lugu Tea Farmer Association, visited the various schools for the presentations giving an explanation of the books and the sponsorship program to the staff and children of the schools. The event was attended by the local media with coverage on television and local newspapers. 

The 900 beautifully bound and illustrated children’s story books were made available due to the generous sponsorship from Activated Ministries. This popular story title, The Garden– The Secret to Happiness is an ideal beginners story book featuring both English and Chinese text with a vocabulary listing of the key words in English. Thanks to the continued support of Activated Ministries during the past year, FISAT has distributed over 2,500 of these books to the children of Taiwanese aboriginal communities in different remote regions of the island.

These aboriginal children and families, although not poverty stricken are very simple folk and live off the land and for the most part are able to cover their basic necessities. However, they are somewhat out of the mainstream of Taiwanese lifestyle. Although the Taiwanese government is creating programs to give them more recognition, the people of the Bunun tribe need a lot of support and encouragement. Programs such as FISAT’s book sponsorship provide way to meet this need. As the saying goes, “a little bit of love goes a long way”, we certainly find this to be true by the response and appreciation received from these precious folk for this project.