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Safe Haven for Refugees

Safe Haven for Refugees is a group of concerned individuals who have come together to provide lifelines and support for the most desperate cases of refugee families in southern Turkey - especially widows and orphans. We focus on immediate aid to rescue these most vulnerable families by providing finances for one year’s rent of safe housing and regular food assistance, followed by guidance towards attaining stability and self-sufficiency. We understand that life-changing financial assistance for desperate refugee situations is not huge, and actually within our capabilities.

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How Food Boxes Help Families in Need

Like many refugees here Mohammed and his wife, Amira, lost their homes in Aleppo, Syria in the early years of the Syrian civil war. They moved to Idlib (a city to the west of Aleppo that borders Turkey), and when fighting intensified there, they moved to Turkey. Making a living in Turkey is difficult for refugees. Mohammed, who had been studying to be a lawyer, was now supporting his pregnant wife and son as a waiter for meager wages. Although life was stressful, Amira was able to start taking some online courses with plans to hopefully find employment. Read more about How Food Boxes Help Families in Need