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1,000 books for Taiwan’s aboriginal communities

Peter Wescombe

During November and December, our recently established Taiwanese charity association FISAT (The Family International Services Association of Taiwan) conducted an extensive missionary trip to the eastern and central highlands of Taiwan. This was the fourth trip by FISAT to the region during 2007. The three previous trips focused primarily on the distribution of books, audio/video CDs as well as children’s toys, clothing, food, and other material goods. The goal of this particular trip was to distribute over 1,000 Activated Ministries sponsored Christmas story books to aboriginal children and families in the area. The Christmas story books and accompanying CD are from the popular Grandpa Jake series of children’s stories and were produced in bilingual format – English and Chinese.

We have been working in cooperation with local pastors from some of the aboriginal communities to provide needed Christian educational materials and resources to the children in these remote areas of eastern and central Taiwan. Our main targeted tribes for the past year have been the Truku tribes, although during the last trip we also visited and distributed books to some Atayal and Amis tribe communities. There are twelve recognized aboriginal tribes throughout Taiwan with a combined population of around 458,000. Due to the effective efforts of previous missionaries, a large percentage (approximately 80%) of the Taiwanese aborigines have been converted to Christianity. Although they have a beautiful, simple faith and belief in Christianity, they have limited resources available to help strengthen their faith and pass their beliefs on to their children and young people. Supplying needed Christian publications and audio/visual materials, as well as encouraging them in the faith, are the main areas that we feel we can best contribute to these communities.

During 2007, FISAT visited over 20 aboriginal schools, communities and villages and distributed over 3,200 books and CDs. During these visits we also distributed a large quantity of food, clothing, toys, and other material goods to needy families. We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Activated Ministries for their generous sponsorship of the 1,000 beautiful children’s books and CDs. These products enabled us to bring the joy of Christmas to over 1,000 aboriginal children and families during the Christmas season.