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Prison Ministry in San Antonio

Richard Story has been conducting a prison and Juvenile Center outreach ministry in San Antonio. At each visit, he holds Bible studies and distributes Activated Ministries sponsored “Who Cares” booklets and Activated Magazines. Activated Ministries is proud to support this vital work of counseling and ministering to those who are so often overlooked by society.

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Recent Events

Lives Changed at Hays County Juvenile Center

Richard Story

We want to thank Activated Ministries for giving so unselfishly to our Juvenile Center outreach ministry here in San Antonio! It’s been so rewarding to distribute the sponsored “Who Cares” booklets; they’ve been perfect for the residents of this center by helping them to grow in faith. Read more about Lives Changed at Hays County Juvenile Center

San Antonio Prison Ministry

Richard Story

We are very grateful to once again receive sponsorship from Activated Ministries in the form of free devotional Christian booklets for our ministry with the Hayes County Juvenile Center and a correctional facility in San Antonio. Read more about San Antonio Prison Ministry

Lives changing in a San Antonio prison

Richard Story

Many ask what can be done about the problem our society has with crime. Our nation’s prisons are filled to capacity, with more and more prisons being built each year. Statistics from the Bureau of Justice say that 700,000 inmates will be released from America’s prisons this year. And it is believed that 67 percent of them will commit another crime within three years of being released. Is there anything that we can do to help alleviate this problem? Read more about Lives changing in a San Antonio prison

Christmas at Dominguez State Prison, Texas

Richard Story

This is a story of two of our missionaries who teach weekly Bible classes at their local prison. The classes are known all over this prison as “Overcomers”. Read more about Christmas at Dominguez State Prison, Texas

Visiting the Sick

Maureen McNally

On December 12th, we visited our three community Hospitals, two of which we have been visiting and singing at since Christmas 2003. This Christmas the children and staff at Shriners Burns Hospital and UTMB Hospital (both in Galveston, Texas) as well as those at Mainland Medical Hospital in Texas City were happily surprised not only by our cheerful voices caroling of Jesus’ birth and “His power and glory that evermore shall reign” but also by the special gifts we were able to bring them. Read more about Visiting the Sick