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Prison Ministry in San Antonio

Richard Story has been conducting a prison and Juvenile Center outreach ministry in San Antonio. At each visit, he holds Bible studies and distributes Activated Ministries sponsored “Who Cares” booklets and Activated Magazines. Activated Ministries is proud to support this vital work of counseling and ministering to those who are so often overlooked by society.

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Recent Events

Visiting the Sick

Maureen McNally

On December 12th, we visited our three community Hospitals, two of which we have been visiting and singing at since Christmas 2003. This Christmas the children and staff at Shriners Burns Hospital and UTMB Hospital (both in Galveston, Texas) as well as those at Mainland Medical Hospital in Texas City were happily surprised not only by our cheerful voices caroling of Jesus’ birth and “His power and glory that evermore shall reign” but also by the special gifts we were able to bring them. Read more about Visiting the Sick

A Message of Hope and Comfort

On December 17, 2006, a team of eight people packed up guitars, bongos and musical equipment and headed to a local shelter that houses young people, ages 12-17, who are illegal immigrants. All have been caught in this country without any adult relatives, many of them escaping very difficult or even life threatening situations in their own countries in Central America. Read more about A Message of Hope and Comfort