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Christmas at Dominguez State Prison, Texas

Richard Story

This is a story of two of our missionaries who teach weekly Bible classes at their local prison. The classes are known all over this prison as “Overcomers”.

We try to make a difference in lives of these men; our passion is to connect with the inmates who have never met us before. We've had an ongoing ministry here for 9 years, and in those 9 years we’ve been able to impact thousands of lives. Our weekly Bible Studies are open to the entire prison, but not all the men in the prison are authorized to attend, so many of the men take a copy of each class, as well as tracts, books, etc., back to all parts of the prison & teach the classes and/or share the material with the men in their dorms. The men were so thankful for the 240 Activated Booklets, Bible Basics books, & Keys to Happier Living books donated to them this year at Christmas by Activated Ministries.

The following reactions tell the story of these men:

I have been attending “Overcomers” classes over a year. My faith has grown tremendously. I learned about the Bible in a whole different way. My outlook on life has changed. God has shown me a different way to walk. All the studies I have gone through have been a great help. I have grown plenty in spirit and faith because of the study material. Upon my release I know I can be a better role model for my children and a real husband to my wife. I can count on my Lord with every circumstance I face. I can walk by faith not by sight. I’d just like to thank you because you are reaching the lost souls. God bless you and keep up the good work. -- E.

Thank you for your publications and your service in God’s Kingdom. We appreciate your efforts in spreading the power of His Word throughout the world. I am a part of the community of believers here in prison at the Dominguez State Jail facility in San Antonio, Texas. We receive your publications through the volunteers that come to us through Family Missions Ministry, the “Overcomers” Program. We, in turn, pass them and circulate them throughout the prison. They are well received and the general response is always positive. We enjoy the quality of your work, the heart behind the stories and the spirit of uplifting that goes into producing the material you deliver. The volunteers Richard and Louis are a definite blessing and we thank God for their dedication to come here and devote their energy and effort to support us and bring God’s Word into such a dark place as this. We thank God for them, for you, and for every part of the body of Christ that reaches out to a dying world to support people like us who have seemingly lost our way. We acknowledge the hand of God behind the scenes in your ministry, in their ministry, and reaching into our lives to guide us to Him. We encourage you to keep up the wonderful work, and our continued prayer for you all is that you may grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2Pe3:18). To Him be glory now and forever. Thank you for your time and God bless each of you. -- F.

All of my study classes help me to get close to our Lord and to find love – the love of God. So each morning the first thing I do, I thank God just for opening my eyes to see that I’m not in the darkness, now I see. And my past is the past. I’m done with the past. So again may God bless all of you that share God’s Word, all the visitors, especially the “Overcomers” class Bible study. May God bless you. -- J.

I’ve felt alone since I’ve arrived at this prison, but since I’ve started to be a part of this class I get a sense that everything is going to be alright. I don’t feel alone. I feel a sense of relief and love. I grew up without parents, with hardships and trials. But with God in my life I know there has to be a purpose for me. I can’t explain my experience, but when I walk in the door to this class, I tend to leave my problems and worries at the door. I can only image what it does for all the other men. Thank you. -- J.

These classes have changed my life very much! They have filled my empty heart. Now I feel real confidence and self esteem. And if it wasn’t for these classes I would be very different, not knowing wisdom nor the Word. The Word inspires me very much. I really love myself now and other people. I wish more people would attend these classes. Now I know wrong from right and to do the right thing! There are really a lot of people lost in the world and need Jesus to comfort their heart. I thank you very much for these classes and books. I will continue coming as long as I live. -- H.

I have been strong in here with my walk with God but at times it’s been hard to understand why I’ve been dealt a bad hand in life. This class has helped me to understand about how the Lord is working in my life and what I need to continue to do when I leave prison. I’m very grateful to be a student in this class and a student in my walk with Christ. Thank you. God bless. – E.

I am 44 years old and have been in prison 8 times over a period of 20 years - a total of 14 years incarcerated. The reason I share this time period is because when I came back this last time, I had hopelessly given up on life. Drug addiction had stolen 28 years of my life. I hated myself and my life. But God didn’t give up on me! Over the last 18 months God has radically transformed me through His Spirit and Word when I had no hope. The Word, Jesus, gave me hope. I truly have been “born again” by the living, enduring Word of God. The “Overcomers” class is a powerful class that is offered here on Thursday. The material they give out is very helpful. – E.

I would like to first give God all the glory, honor and praise for this class and the material provided. I would like to personally thank everyone who has put their time, money, and effort into providing this class and the material. The volunteers who come and share the Word of God and help to enlighten us, help draw us closer to the Lord through fellowship and the materials that have been provided! I thank you and ask God to continue to bless you individually and collectively to continue serving and educating God’s children. Thank you! – J.

I have been attending the “Overcomers” class here at Dominguez for the past 16 months. The materials that are provided, the 12 Foundation Stones classes, the Activated booklets, and Bible study guides, have been extremely helpful to me and all the men I share them with in my dorm of 60 men. I thank you for providing the materials for us so we can continue to grow and learn in our daily faith walk. -- S.

The Lord has opened my eyes & heart to the Word and gives me a sense of freedom & protection inside these walls. He’s been working miracles through prayer that never cease to amaze me. He is an awesome God and He talks to me in unexpected ways. God bless you! -- D.