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Playing 2 Win

Playing 2 Win volunteers in South Africa conducted an outreach blitz at the 2010 World Cup. Over a period of three weeks, volunteers ministred to the thousands of people who had traveled from all over the world for the games. Read more about Playing 2 Win

SAFE Teen Program

SAFE Teens in San Antonio, Texas have conducted several camps designed to empower youth. As they enter their last year of being a teen and will then step into the reality of adult life, this event provides opportunity to discuss the future – their future. Read more about SAFE Teen Program

Family Care Indonesia

Volunteers at Family Care Indonesia have distributed Activated Ministries sponsored books to remote villages all over Indonesia. In addition, they have also conducted education seminars aimed at equipping teachers to empower and motivate their students to learn positive moral values. Read more about Family Care Indonesia

Family Care Cambodia

In partnership with Activated Ministries, volunteers from Family Care Cambodia have donated specially printed books free to schools, children’s shelters, orphanages, pediatric hospitals and special schools for the deaf both in the capital of Phnom Penh and several rural provinces as well. Read more about Family Care Cambodia

Extra Mile - Missions in Ghana

Volunteers from Extra Mile in Ghana conduct Bible studies and missionary training programs to young Christians from neighboring countries in West Africa. Activated Ministries has been pleased to support their work through providing the book and programs needed for these traning seminars. Extra Mile, together with Activated Ministries,  has also provides much needed supplies, such as computers and other materials, to needy schools and villages in rural Ghana. Read more about Extra Mile - Missions in Ghana

Mission to Polokwane, South Africa

Volunteers in South Africa took a mission trip to Polokwane to deliever children's Bibles and other books to four schools in the region.  Read more about Mission to Polokwane, South Africa

Detroit volunteers

Volunteers in Detoit, Michigan have been ministering to their community for many years by visiting hospitals, homeless centers, Salvation Army centers and drug rehabilitation centers. Read more about Detroit volunteers

Connect Vision Foundation, Columbia

The Las Arenitas preschool education center is located in one of the many violence-threatened neighborhoods in Bogota, Columbia. Volunteers at Connect Vision Foundation have been visiting this center weekly to conduct Bible classes and activities for the children. Read more about Connect Vision Foundation, Columbia

Chile Outreach

Volunteers have used the Christmas season as a way to reach the children of Chile with the message of God’s love for the last 12 years. The volunteers hold Christmas parties to sing carols, tell the story of the first Christmas, have refreshments and then give out toys to the children. Read more about Chile Outreach

Part of the Solution, Brazil

Through the NGO “Parte da Solução” (Part of the Solution), volunteers have joined forces with Activated Ministries to distribute books, CDs, and motivational calendars in the Hospital de Base, in Brasilia. Read more about Part of the Solution, Brazil

Association CEEU, Brazil

Association CEEU has been bringing social assistance to one hundred families who live on the peripheries of the city of Maranguape, in the State of the Ceará, Brazil. Read more about Association CEEU, Brazil

Australian Ship Ministry

Since 2007, Irene Glase in Melbourne has visited in the ports weekly to distribute Christian materials to those who come in on the ships. The seafarers are very appreciative of the spiritual encouragement, which helps them cope with a lonely life at sea for extended months. Read more about Australian Ship Ministry

Arriba las Manos

Arriba las Manos volunteers have been assisting the impoverished community of Ararca for several years. Ararca is a small island enclave 50 kilometers from Cartagena, Colombia. The village was formed over 200 years ago by runaway slaves, and since then this community of over 1,200 people has struggled to meet its most basic needs. Read more about Arriba las Manos

Peru outreach

The basic goal of volunteers at Huarez, Peru is to combine physical help and practical training with spiritual counseling in order to better the lives of the people in their community. Read more about Peru outreach

Mandela's Day Event

Volunteers in South Africa put on a massive celebration for Mandela's Day at two different institutions in Johannesburg, a HIV orphanage and a boarding school for physically disabled children. Read more about Mandela's Day Event

Project Cartwheel, South Africa

Angela Mischke of Project Cartwheel has been a volunteer in South Africa for many years. She travels to neighboring countries of Mawali, Zimbabwe, and all over South Africa establishing home churches and delivering much-needed Bibles and other spiritually feeding materials to the local churches in these communities. Read more about Project Cartwheel, South Africa

Preschool visits, Johannesburg

Volunteers in Johannesburg have been organizing Christmas parties at different preschools in the township where they have worked for 14 years. At each event, they distributing reading schemes and Foundation of Faith and Character building sets for preschools for children – giving them an opportunity to expand their horizons and learn and grow in the Christian faith and stretching their ability to learn. Read more about Preschool visits, Johannesburg

Big Thot, Pretoria

Volunteers at Big Thot in Pretoria, South Africa have conducted several book distributions to the South African Police Department and a school for children with Autism. Activated Ministries was pleased to sponsor the books which were distributed during these visits. Read more about Big Thot, Pretoria

Orphan Christmas camps, South Africa

For 17 years, Esther McGinley has been opening her home to hundreds of orphans in Durban, South Africa during the Christmas season. In recent years, she has moved the venue and expanded the event to a three-day camp for hundreds of children. Many of the grown children now assist with the running of the camp. Activated Ministries has been proud to be a sponsor of these wonderful Christmas events. Read more about Orphan Christmas camps, South Africa

South Africa mission

For the past four years, Janet Banker and her team in South Africa have assisted with Christmas events in the black township in Pretoria. In recent years they have begun reaching out to the “forgotten” financially challenged white people in the city. Read more about South Africa mission