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Steps for Success, Philippines

Steps for Success Foundation volunteers are addressing the need for value education through their Daycare Assist Program. The DAP (Daycare Assist Program) package includes highly illustrated story books and upbeat audio CDs andDVDs, all including reinforcement of those ever important positive character skills and promoting the building of good habits. The grassroots Daycare Assist Program is set up to offer free training sessions and counseling to daycare teachers and parents. Read more about Steps for Success, Philippines

Leadership training in Peru

Activated Ministries donated 250 12 Foundation Stones study books for Bible studies held by volunteers in Pamplona, Peru. These books take students through the basics of Christian teachings and equip them to share their beliefs with others. Read more about Leadership training in Peru

Sponsor a Book, Peru

Volunteers based in Lima, Peru have been distributing books to schools, hospitals, libraries, and disadvantaged neighborhoods all around Peru. Activated Ministries has been a proud sponsor of these distribution projects since 2009. Read more about Sponsor a Book, Peru

Value education program, Peru

Volunteers in Peru have been holding teachers traning seminars, school visits, and book distributions to communities in Peru since 2007. Activated Ministires is proud to partner with this project by providing the Christian and educational materials which are distributed at these events. Read more about Value education program, Peru

Amor En Acción

Every year the Amor En Acción our volunteers make a special trip to the Dominican Republic. The purpose of the trip is to bring aid in the form of donated clothing, toys for the children, educational materials for the schools, as well as spiritual encouragement and strengthening. Read more about Amor En Acción

Mission to the Sahara Refugees

The Sahara Project center in Spain has organized volunteer teams to travel to western Sahara and help the forgotten refugees. Activated Ministries partnered with this project by sponsoring all of the spiritually feeding and educational materials which were distributed during this visit. Read more about Mission to the Sahara Refugees

EsFuturo Prison Outreach

EsFuturo Prison Outreach Ministry began in Spain 2008 and has since grown to a thriving ministry of spiritual feeding to prison inmates in Spain. Activated Ministries was happy to partner with the EsFuturo volunteers by providing books and Activated Magazines for their work. Read more about EsFuturo Prison Outreach

Prison Ministry in San Antonio

Richard Story has been conducting a prison and Juvenile Center outreach ministry in San Antonio. At each visit, he holds Bible studies and distributes Activated Ministries sponsored “Who Cares” booklets and Activated Magazines. Activated Ministries is proud to support this vital work of counseling and ministering to those who are so often overlooked by society. Read more about Prison Ministry in San Antonio

South Texas educational book distribution

Theresa D'Abadie has been ministering to schools, hospitals, orphanages, libraries and social centers in South Texas since 2005. Activated Ministries is pleased to partner with Theresa by sponsoring books, CD's and magazines for free distribution to these communities. Read more about South Texas educational book distribution

Bangkok Teacher Seminars

Volunteers in Bangkok, Thailand have been working with local districts and municipalities around Thailand to distribute the Values in Education educational curriculum. This program includes a detailed lessons math, culture, health, English, art, friendship, safety, good morals, etc. This distribution of free educational books and audio-visual material to poorer, up-country (meaning out of Bangkok) schools is an ongoing project, and the Bangkok volunteers are targeting 7 of the 76 provinces in Read more about Bangkok Teacher Seminars

English Teaching Camps, Thailand

Volunteers in Thailand have created an English-teaching program which they have taken to over 50 schools in the four provinces of Chiangmai, Pitsanalok, Si Saket, and Petchburi. In each of these schools they distribute Activated Ministries' sponsored Grandpa Jake storybooks as an English learning aid to over 15,000 primary school students. These books are wonderful tools to help the students improve their English as well as teach them valuable character-building lessons. Read more about English Teaching Camps, Thailand

Primary school book distribution

For the last four years, volunteers in South Africa have been introducing character-building life orientation books to the primary schools. At this time, there are 400 schools using the books, with about one thousand children per school—approximately 400,000 children. Read more about Primary school book distribution

Touchstone Projects

Touchstone Projects, UK, combined efforts with Activated Ministries and Missionary Services of Pakistan to bring physical and spiritual relief to a village in the Pakistan flood area. Read more about Touchstone Projects

Youth Reach Youth

The Youth Reach Youth outreach training club was formed to give teens in Taiwan the opportunity to minister to their peers in the city. During club meetings attendees and mentors come together to discuss the overall progress of the Activated magazine subscription sales initiative; sharing tips, ideas, and how-to’s for the benefit of their peers. Activated Ministries was happy to sponsor the Activated magazines for these initiatives. Read more about Youth Reach Youth

Mackay Hospital Christmas Outreach

During Christmas time, volunteers in Taipei, Taiwan bring a Christmas show and make room visitations to thousands in two branches of the Mackay Hospitals. Activated Ministries is proud to sponsor the books, CDs and magazines which are distributed to patients during what can be a very lonely time. Read more about Mackay Hospital Christmas Outreach

Merryheart Ministries

Several of Merryheart Ministries' volunteers personally delivered sets of sponsored Christian children’s videos to locations in Missouri and Kansas. St. John’s Hospital, as well as a local clinic in Joplin, Missouri, received a complete set of thirteen videos, as did the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Over the past several years, Merryheart Ministries has been involved in spiritual counseling to prison inmates in Missouri. Read more about Merryheart Ministries

Luodong Family Mission

Every Christmas season, the volunteers at Luodong Family Mission perform a lively musical Christmas show at two aboriginal schools and two hospitals in Yilan and Hualien Counties, and an orphanage in Luodong. At each of these institutions, Luodong Family Mission distributes Activated Ministries sponsored Christmas posters, CD’s and Christmas story books. Read more about Luodong Family Mission

Taichung Volunteers

Taichung volunteers have used their clown and musical show to spread a message of God’s love at orphanages, hospitals, drug rehab and correctional centers throughout the bustling city of Taichung, Taiwan. After each clown program, each child receives a beautiful poster or children’s music CD – all of which are sponsored by Activated Ministries. Read more about Taichung Volunteers

Sponsor a Book and Learning To Fly

Patricino un Libro (Sponsor a Book) is a non-profit organization based in Monterrey. Their mission is to introduce children in underprivileged, marginal, and high-risk neighborhoods to Christian and universal values through cultivating the joy of reading, and to transform their lives in the process. In the past five years, Patricino un Libro has distributed over 75,000 books to some of Mexico's poorest neighborhoods, mountain villages, hospitals, cancer centers, orphanages, and nurseries for the children of underprivileged single mothers. Programs include: Read more about Sponsor a Book and Learning To Fly

Sponsor a Book, Africa

Sponsor a Book focuses on character development and social work with communities to get character building materials and educational teaching aids into schools and social centers to be used in curriculums on a long term basis. Sponsor a Book volunteers also assist in donating books with spiritual, uplifiting and positive books to all ages mainly in social centers and elderly homes. Read more about Sponsor a Book, Africa