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Wordstock 2006 - Outreach Sponsorship

"There’s no comparison to the excitement, challenge, and wonder that Wordstock 2006 brought into my life. The “high energy level bands” and their soul-searching lyrics, the sample of other professional and dedicated young Christians, and the progressive and enlightening classes that I was privileged to be a part of have all come together and left a fiery blaze burning in my spirit.” Read more about Wordstock 2006 - Outreach Sponsorship

Outreach Sponsorship: Wordstock 2005

In order to help the young people raise their admissions fee, Activated Ministries donated a total of 1,835 devotional booklets, 3,870 audio CD’s, and 400 posters to be sold as a fundraiser for this event. Five of our volunteers attended WordStock as staff members, counselors, and musicians.

WordStock 2005 was a much anticipated event and a great success and we’d like to thank all of our faithful supporters who make our youth ministries possible. God bless you for your faithful generosity, it’s making a difference every day.

Thank you letters from attendees. Read more about Outreach Sponsorship: Wordstock 2005

Children’s Books for Cambodia

Ann Soldner

Cambodia is a land of youth. According to statistics, 41% of the population of 12.5 million are under the age of 14. In the past thirty years the Khmer people have suffered through foreign invasions, bombings, communist revolution, genocide, famine, occupation and civil war. Despite the trauma, suffering and lack of role models or references, Cambodia is struggling down the road to social, educational and economic reconstruction. One particularly great need is for children’s books in the local language. Read more about Children’s Books for Cambodia

Mission to Papua New Guinea

Stephen Hartingdon

Our volunteers would like to thank Activated Ministries for your kind sponsorship of 200 Children's Christmas Activated Magazines as well as 100 Children's Christmas storybooks and CD’s to our mission to Papua New Guinea.

The sponsored products were distributed at The Saroa Circuit which is a district of the United Church in Papua New Guinea located in the Rigo District of the Central Province. We also distributed the products to the children of three of the ten villages in this Circuit; Kwalimurubu, Saroa and Kwikila. Read more about Mission to Papua New Guinea