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Outreach Sponsorship: Wordstock 2005

In order to help the young people raise their admissions fee, Activated Ministries donated a total of 1,835 devotional booklets, 3,870 audio CD’s, and 400 posters to be sold as a fundraiser for this event. Five of our volunteers attended WordStock as staff members, counselors, and musicians.

WordStock 2005 was a much anticipated event and a great success and we’d like to thank all of our faithful supporters who make our youth ministries possible. God bless you for your faithful generosity, it’s making a difference every day.

Thank you letters from attendees.

Dear Activated Ministries,

Thank you so much for sending me the CD’s and books. I sold them door to door in a neighborhood. I enjoyed Wordstock very much, especially the music. The Lord’s spirit was very strong there. Thank you again,

Gloria-Faye Marchbank (14 years old)

Dear Activated Ministries,

Thank you so much for the books and CD’s. They were a big help and a lot of fun to sell. The way we got them out was door to door. We also prayed with seven people to receive Jesus in their hearts.

I’m gonna have to say the music was very cool but very touching and uplifting for me. I also really like the classes and learned a lot from them. Thank you,

Mark Marchbank (12 years old)

Dear Activated Ministries,

I wanted to thank you for the CD’s and booklets that your ministry donated to help me raise the needed funds to attend Wordstock 05’ as a counselor.

The young people that I had a chance to interact and talk with were life changing for me. I made friends with many of them and I have been able to keep in communication with some very wonderful young people, who now see me as a friend and mentor.

The experiences I had at Wordstock will stay with me forever, and you were the ones who made it possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Tory (18), California