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Wordstock 2006 - Outreach Sponsorship

"There’s no comparison to the excitement, challenge, and wonder that Wordstock 2006 brought into my life. The “high energy level bands” and their soul-searching lyrics, the sample of other professional and dedicated young Christians, and the progressive and enlightening classes that I was privileged to be a part of have all come together and left a fiery blaze burning in my spirit.”

Reactions like this one from nineteen-year-old Tory, one of the nearly 300 young people that attended Wordstock 2006, is what envisions us here at Activated Ministries to continue to do all we can to make this event possible.

For three consecutive years, Activated Ministries has been proud to help sponsor Wordstock

But what exactly is Wordstock, and how did it originate?

The name “Wordstock” of course, is an adaptation of “Woodstock”—the famous music and art fair that drew more than 450,000 hippies to Max Yasgur’s New York farm in 1969 to enjoy the most legendary bands in hippie history. Wordstock, a six-day camp and music festival, emphasizes God’s Word and discipleship training along with life-changing music.

The idea of Wordstock originated three years ago and since then the music festival has been held annually, hosted by the members of The Family International. The primary purpose of Wordstock is to help foster a personal connection with Jesus and His Word in the earts of the teen attendees that will strengthen and motivate them throughout their lives and service to Him.

This goal is accomplished through many means, but primarily through Wordstock’s music, which was performed in nightly concerts and is considered by most of the attendees to be the highlight of the camp. Musicians attended this year from countries including Japan, Nepal, England, Mexico, and Canada. This unique blend of cultural hues created a colorful and diversified canvas of styles with a spirit of dedication and camaraderie that was prevalent throughout the entire festival.

Music isn’t all Wordstock is made of, either. Rockin’ away at night is preceded by classes and discussions during the day on topics pertinent to the spiritual growth of the teens. Every afternoon Wordstock attendees also spent time getting to know the members of their groups during informal talk times.

Wordstock is a yearly highlight for hundreds of Christian young people in North America and we have seen the impact of this event in the hearts and lives of the attendees. Each year we receive numerous remarks from the teens about how Wordstock has changed their lives through the example of fulltime dedication and commitment that they have seen in the musicians, teachers, counselors, their peers, and the atmosphere of Wordstock itself. It’s more than a camp, it’s a life-changing event that Activated Ministries is privileged to help make possible. Many thanks to each one of our sponsors and donors. Your generosity has touched many young people, and we believe we’re only beginning to see the ripple effects of those changed lives.

Going to WordStock III was a faith building experience for me. The music was powerful, and the Spirit of God was strong there. The classes motivated me to be a closer follower of Jesus, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend!” From Lisa, 17 year old missionary in China.

I didn’t stop smiling the whole time old friends, new friends, motivating classes, great music, it just didn’t stop! The performances were riveting—that’s the best word I can think of to express what went on in the concert hall.” Says Joni, fulltime missionary in Mexico and one of the many musicians at Wordstock.

Joni and her husband Vas, and their five children have been living in Mexico for six years doing a variety of missionary and humanitarian projects, evangelism, teen counseling, and musical performances and recordings

Julie (16), Christy (14), and Jimmy (12), were thrilled at the opportunity to attend Wordstock for the first time, having lived in Nepal as missionaries with their parents since 1995. Their trip was almost cancelled due to recent civil unrest in Nepal, but by a miracle they were able to fly in time for the event. Their band, Gypsy Child, performs a variety of traditional Nepalese songs as well as music with a message of God’s love. They have performed at many different functions and have received nationwide acclaim in Nepal. Playing their music at Wordstock for over 200 of their peers was something they had been looking forward to since the first Wordstock event in 2004 and they were overjoyed to see that wish become reality this year.