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South Africa volunteers

Volunteers in South Africa have conducted several mission trips to Malawi and Zimbabwe to distribute Christian devotional and educational materials to schools, libraries, and churches. Activated Ministries partnered with this project in 2010 and 2011 by sponsoring all the books and educational materials for these visits.

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Recent Events

Libraries to two churches in Malawi and Zimbabwe

Simon Bennet

Activated Ministries sponsored three Christian publication libraries for churches in Malawi and Zimbabwe. The publication libraries were set up in Blantyre and Lilongwe, the two primary population centers in Malawi. The third library is intact but has still not been set up in Zimbabwe.

Blantyre Library Read more about Libraries to two churches in Malawi and Zimbabwe

Free books to 24 Zimbabwe schools

Isaac Bleich

In December 2010 we couriered the first batch of Activated Ministries’ sponsored books to our two voluntary distributors in Zimbabwe. Our one local distributor, called Friday, lives in the Harare area, while our other distributor, Eddie, lives about 150 kilometres north of Harare in a country area. Read more about Free books to 24 Zimbabwe schools