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Libraries to two churches in Malawi and Zimbabwe

Simon Bennet

Activated Ministries sponsored three Christian publication libraries for churches in Malawi and Zimbabwe. The publication libraries were set up in Blantyre and Lilongwe, the two primary population centers in Malawi. The third library is intact but has still not been set up in Zimbabwe.

Blantyre Library

I was invited to Blantyre to join Pastor Danilieck Mitepa in his church and prison ministry. During my stay I visited and taught in five prisons. We distributed over 150 Gospels of John in the local language and 150 Freedom Within books in these prisons. A further 100 books were left with Danileck for distribution to other prisons he visits.

Danileck invited me to return to Blantyre to organize and teach at a training seminar for 250 pastors from his area. In preparation for this work has begun on translating the condensed 12 Foundation Stones into the local language.

Danileck is in the strategic position of being the chairperson of the local pastor’s forum and already has a small library of books available for pastors and local people. He was so grateful for the books and recently sent us this report.

Agape Christian Church Blantyre – Malawi Library Report

Dear Brother Simon Bennett,

Agape Christian Church through Pastor D.H. Mitepa is pleased to send you a library report. Each of the books you sent are being borrowed and read by pastors and church elders who borrow from the library. Quite a number of the books are in high demand and have been borrowed multiple times. We believe that more books are needed which we hope will transform our country.

We believe that this is the tremendous work Brother Simon is doing here in Malawi, because he travels in rural areas and prisons where he meets big challenges and can be affected by so many diseases like malaria and bilharzia etc. but we praise God because He has sent this man of God to help us people of Malawi transform our spiritual lives.

May God bless you and hope to meet this coming new year of 2012.

Yours in the Lord,

Pastor D.H. Mitepa

These libraries are truly the gifts that keep giving. They provide a steady and continual flow of God’s word into these communities via pastors and church leaders. We will continue to monitor the progress of the library through a visit in 2012 and look forward to updating you of the progress made.

Lilongwe Library Report

The Gospel Harvest Church, led by Bishop Maston Davite has 26 branches in the rural areas. This was our third visit. On the past two visits we held weekend crusades and pastors training weeks.

Our purpose on this trip was to set up a Christian publication library , visit rural churches and prepare ground for a marquee tent that had been donated in South Africa for the use of the church.

On this trip:

1) 10 rural churches were visited across a wide area of central Malawai to the north and south of the capital Lilongwe. Over 350 Gospels of John in local language were distributed as well as local language Bibles

2) A reading library was set up at the central church

3) A computer was sourced and donated for translation purposes.

We are looking forward to receiving the report from this church which we will forward to you in the New Year.