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Taichung Volunteers

Taichung volunteers have used their clown and musical show to spread a message of God’s love at orphanages, hospitals, drug rehab and correctional centers throughout the bustling city of Taichung, Taiwan. After each clown program, each child receives a beautiful poster or children’s music CD – all of which are sponsored by Activated Ministries. Read more about Taichung Volunteers

Sponsor a Book and Learning To Fly

Patricino un Libro (Sponsor a Book) is a non-profit organization based in Monterrey. Their mission is to introduce children in underprivileged, marginal, and high-risk neighborhoods to Christian and universal values through cultivating the joy of reading, and to transform their lives in the process. In the past five years, Patricino un Libro has distributed over 75,000 books to some of Mexico's poorest neighborhoods, mountain villages, hospitals, cancer centers, orphanages, and nurseries for the children of underprivileged single mothers. Programs include: Read more about Sponsor a Book and Learning To Fly

Family International Service Association of Taiwan

FISAT is a Taiwanese social service charity association committed to regularly assisting the mountainous aboriginal communities in Taiwan through various aid distribution and sponsorship programs. In addition to other kinds of aid, FISAT focuses on distributing a popular educational book which facilitates bilingualism in these communities. This popular story title, The Garden - The Secret to Happiness is an ideal beginners story book featuring both English and Chinese text with a vocabulary listing of the key words in English. Read more about Family International Service Association of Taiwan

Sponsor a Book, Africa

Sponsor a Book focuses on character development and social work with communities to get character building materials and educational teaching aids into schools and social centers to be used in curriculums on a long term basis. Sponsor a Book volunteers also assist in donating books with spiritual, uplifiting and positive books to all ages mainly in social centers and elderly homes. Read more about Sponsor a Book, Africa

Japan Tsunami Relief

The Phoenix project is aimed to bring encouragement and a personal touch along with material aid to refugees from the earthquake and tsunami that devastated much of the northeastern coast of Japan.

This project brought together professional clowns from Tokyo, the Band Aid Band and other volunteer workers in an effort to bring smiles to the faces of hundreds who had lost their homes or were forced to evacuate due to the Fukushima nuclear power plant failure. Read more about Japan Tsunami Relief

The Wine Press Monthly Magazine

Have you enjoyed the inspirational, devotional and spiritually feeding articles in the Activated Magazine? We sure have! Don’t miss an issue, they’re great! You may also enjoy The Winepress, a monthly periodical that includes in-depth Bible studies, commentary and articles touching on topics like discipleship, spiritual and personal growth, evangelism, and how to grow in your relationship with the Lord, to name a few. We also regularly include updates, tips and testimonials from active Christians, veteran missionaries and pastors who have found the key to changing their part of the world. Read more about The Wine Press Monthly Magazine