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Christmas in South Africa - Part 2

Christmas Party in Zakkariya Park

12th of December

Total people served: 128

We have been in touch with the members of an non-profit that does their best to help orphans, children from needy families and child-headed households in their community in Zakkariya Park,Vlakfontein. Zakkariya Park is a fairly new township about 30 km south of Johannesburg. We’ve been helping them with bi-weekly donations of bread throughout the past years and wanted to support them in their efforts by organizing an event for the children this Christmas.

Christmas in South Africa - Part 1

Joseph Bistachu

One of our goals for this year was to challenge and assist those that we have been teaching and working with over the past years to do something for others in their communities. To inspire and motivate our friends and members, at the beginning of the year, we held 3 one-day seminars on organizing and running volunteer projects. It was encouraging to see everyone’s enthusiasm. The events this Christmas were largely organized by our volunteers in response to this input and training.

Christmas Party in Evaton West Township

Christmas parties for impoverished townships in Johannesburg

Natalie Emery

I live in an amazing city: modernity and wealth mix together with extreme poverty, sickness and injustice on a daily basis. Welcome to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Character Building sets given to primary schools in South Africa

Tommy Miller

We wanted to send you our thanks and appreciation for your donation of books to our volunteer work here in South Africa. Your contribution has had a tremendous affect on our ministry of teaching life skills and life orientation to the children in the primary schools. For the last four years, we have been introducing our character-building life orientation books to the primary schools. At this time, there are 400 schools using our books, with about one thousand children per school—approximately 400,000 children.