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In the Footsteps of David Livingstone

Angela Mischke

In a joint effort, volunteers of Project Cartwheel in Pretoria and Change the World in Johannesburg, headed out on an outreach trip to Zambia and Botswana in January 2011. We visited 6 institutions and gave out 500 Activated magazines, 150 Christian inspirational booklets, and sets of Feed My Lambs, Early Bird Reading Programs, Foundations of Faith and Character Building curriculums of the Steps Program.

Establishing Mission Centers in Malawi

Angela Mischke

“Would you be interested in going on a mission trip to Malawi?” This call from Josef Bitschnau made my heart skip a beat! I had never been to Malawi, neither the countries we would travel through; Zimbabwe and Mozambique. My passion is to share God’s Word with the people of Southern Africa, so I excitedly started with the preparations.

Lots of smiles on Mandela’s Day

Natalie Emery

“So what are you doing for Mandela’s Day?” After hearing this question several times, I determined to do something special to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday! What better way than giving underprivileged kids a fun and happy time? We targeted two different institutions in Johannesburg, a HIV orphanage and a boarding school for physically disabled children that we collaborate with weekly. They were adopted as the focus of our program.

Delivery of sponsored materials to schools in Polokwane, South Africa


We just came back from a trip up to Polokwane in the north of South Africa where we were finally able to deliver the last installment of the materials Activated Ministries so kindly sponsored at the end of 2010. We delivered the materials to four schools that we have been working with up there. All are pretty limited budget schools, but over the years these were the schools where the teaching staff has been the most faithful to actually use the materials that they have received from us.

The World Cup is over


As the last game ended and Spain emerged the victors after avery hard fought win, I began to reflect on what I've just experienced over the last month in South Africa. What would I remember from the 2010 World Cup games?

--The camaraderie of the more than 50 volunteers that we worked with to pass out the Activated magazines, the tracts and the Good Times newspapers. Playing2Win was a winning team!

--I remember the faces of those watching the dramas in the streets reflecting on their own lives and beliefs.

Update from Playing2Win at the South Africa World Cup


Wednesday's game between South Africa and Uruguay was a milestone for this host country. The hours preceding the game had the streets filled with excited and expectant fans. Yellow, red, green, black and white were everywhere! The colors of the home team! Being that many of our team has been working in this country for years, I'd have to say that the majority of the Playing2win and Activated folks were cheering for Bafana Bafana.

Day 2 of the World Cup Games


I'll have to say we beat the traffic today and headed out by 10am to get to a game that started at 8:00 pm. The trip to Rustenburg was beautiful. It took about an hour and a half and was a very pleasant ride past hay bales and tractors, orange groves and tall grasses. South African highways are great (except they drive on the wrong side of the road!) While stopping for petrol (gasoline), the attendants were thrilled to get copies of Activated magazines.

2010 World Cup Outreach

Today was the kick-off of the 2010 World Cup here in Johannesburg and we headed out the door with some of the Playing2Win volunteers around 10 am to take the trip to Soccer City, the stadium where South Africa would face Mexico. Normally this would have taken us an hour or so, but today was one very special day! By 3:30 we were still in the thick of traffic--cars with flags, cars honking their horns, cars with drivers wearing huge clown hats and glasses and people dancing in the streets and flags flying everywhere. It was chaotic, loud and very happy!

Christmas in South Africa - Part 4

Christmas Party for Elderly from Brixton

15th of December

Total people served: 121

Christmas in South Africa - Part 3

Christmas Party in Diepsloot

11th of December

Total people served: 40