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Children's education given a much needed boost in Lima, Peru

José Frias

The city of Lima, Peru, though poor, is rich in care and concern for its city and its people.

A beautiful illustration of this came to us through the government organization of INABF which currently runs 33 orphanages with over 3000 children as well as 35 schools in some of the poorest parts of the country.

Last year during our first contact with them, they had excitedly purchased an entire set of the Treasure Attic DVD’s, which is a wonderful children’s educational video series.

Libraries to two churches in Malawi and Zimbabwe

Simon Bennet

Activated Ministries sponsored three Christian publication libraries for churches in Malawi and Zimbabwe. The publication libraries were set up in Blantyre and Lilongwe, the two primary population centers in Malawi. The third library is intact but has still not been set up in Zimbabwe.

Blantyre Library

Free books to 24 Zimbabwe schools

Isaac Bleich

In December 2010 we couriered the first batch of Activated Ministries’ sponsored books to our two voluntary distributors in Zimbabwe. Our one local distributor, called Friday, lives in the Harare area, while our other distributor, Eddie, lives about 150 kilometres north of Harare in a country area.

Books distributed to one-third of Thailand’s Provincial Education Department supervisors

Louis Lindo

What was originally planned to be our normal children’s Christmas performance for some of the local rural schools turned out to an official presentation of 640 sponsored books (in Thai and English) to the governor of a major province in central Thailand.

Character Building sets given to primary schools in South Africa

Tommy Miller

We wanted to send you our thanks and appreciation for your donation of books to our volunteer work here in South Africa. Your contribution has had a tremendous affect on our ministry of teaching life skills and life orientation to the children in the primary schools. For the last four years, we have been introducing our character-building life orientation books to the primary schools. At this time, there are 400 schools using our books, with about one thousand children per school—approximately 400,000 children.

Building Bridges in Taiwan

Francois Dick

Building Bridges in Taiwan is a non profit organization comprised of missionaries and volunteers from The Family International. The Christmas season of 2008 was a very busy time for our volunteers as we conducted seven shows in an orphanage, several different hospitals throughout the Taipei and Taichung counties, and a home for the elderly.

A dose of Christmas Spirit to the Lukang Hospital in Taiwan

Jeffrey Groft

This was the first time for most of us to visit a “Hospitel” – a mix of a hospital and a hotel. The Lukang hospital is one of the first of its kind in Taiwan and we were invited to perform our clown show and go room-to-room, sharing God’s love with the patients and distributing the wonderful Christmas gifts sponsored by Activated Ministries!