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Rescate Children's Day Events

For Rescate, the month of April truly became “Children’s Month”, as “Children’s Day” (30th of April) was celebrated not just once, but four times in a series of events in Nuevo Leon and Chuahila for neglected and underprivileged children.

The first event was on April 19th in Nuevo Laredo at a center for 30 children with Cerebral Palsy. On the same day we hosted an event in the deprived shanty town “Colonia La Nuevo Era”, Nuevo Laredo at a public school for 400 Children. Thursday, the 27th of April was a big day as we once again hosted an event in Parque España for the third consecutive time; inviting 150 children from Monterrey’s most underprivileged neighborhoods. Finally on Saturday, April 28th we hosted a very moving event at the Topo Chico Prison for all the children of the inmates, a total of 400.

In each of these events we performed our fantastic puppet show “Small World Playhouse”, prepared meals and snacks, distributed gift bags to all the children (over 3,100 toys and more than 3,000 books and puzzles) and most importantly spent personal time with each of the kids attending the events. It is our hope that this little bit of love demonstrated to these 980 children in the form of these events will ignite the hope in their hearts that they are not forgotten – They are loved and somebody cares! Thank you so much, dear sponsors and friends in Monterrey & the USA who made these events a reality! In particular: Activated Ministries for donating the Books & Puzzles. Because of your generosity these children had the opportunity to feel loved be reminded that they were not forgotten on Children’s Day!