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Cervantino Festival 2009

Shelly Guild

Thank you for your interest and participation in our efforts to reach out and to spread God’s Word here in Mexico. We are happy to report that Project Descubrete, at the International Festival of Cervantino, October 2009, in Guanajuato, Mexico, was a success in every way. This is, in large part, thanks to your generous sponsorship of the printing of 30,000 flyers and over 18,000 tracts.

The program, which involved nearly 200 Christian volunteers, including students and fulltime missionaries, ran from October 27th to November 2nd.

We set up and managed a camp style facility for the volunteers just outside of Guanajuato. After daily devotions and prayer, would all go into town to share God’s love and be a witness to the thousands of youth who pass through the Cervantino Festival each year, looking for meaning and happiness.

A stage in a large plaza provided ample attraction and drew hundreds nightly to the bands and their music, including Jeremy Spencer, world renowned blues guitarist. We performed a stage play as well, featuring a powerful message of a girl’s journey through life, her search for true love and finding it at last in Jesus.

Another highlight was a tent we set up, called “Carpa del Destino,” where people waited to have prayer and to ask God for a personal message, through one of our channels who receive messages from the spiritual realm. Amazing stories sprang from this event, each one a miracle of a changed heart and life.

Each of the nearly 200 volunteers spent hours witnessing personally to the individuals and groups who came near our stage, as well as venturing into the rest of the city to find, meet, and pray with hundreds more.

The literature sponsored by Activated Ministries was instrumental in this task, as none of this would have been possible without your generous contribution. We know that each piece of God’s printed Word went a long way in bringing every person who received one, to either finding salvation in Jesus or to a closer personal relationship with Him.

Every last one of the 18,500 tracts was distributed, and every single simple message of God’s love and offer of salvation has no doubt made a difference for someone’s life, soul, family, and eternity.

In all, over 1,800 people prayed with our volunteers to accept Jesus into their hearts as their personal savior, and addresses were collected from 620 people who wanted to learn more about God’s Word and do more to serve Him and others. Thank you for the invaluable part you played in making this event a success.