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Empowering an impoverished community through education

Luz Teresa Solá

Arriba las Manos would like to thank Activated Ministries for its donation of educational books and audio/visual resources. These materials have been an invaluable contribution over the last year to the activities of Arriba las Manos in the impoverished community of Ararca.

Ararca is a small island enclave 50 kilometers from Cartagena, Colombia. The village was formed over 200 years ago by runaway slaves, and since then this community of over 1,200 people has struggled to meet its most basic needs.

According to a recent study on Ararca:

Books distributed to one-third of Thailand’s Provincial Education Department supervisors

Louis Lindo

What was originally planned to be our normal children’s Christmas performance for some of the local rural schools turned out to an official presentation of 640 sponsored books (in Thai and English) to the governor of a major province in central Thailand.

Audio-visual educational seminar in central Thailand

Louis Lindo

“Teaching others to teach others” is a time-honored saying that has become our motto in reaching out to the primary school children of central Thailand.

Character Building sets given to primary schools in South Africa

Tommy Miller

We wanted to send you our thanks and appreciation for your donation of books to our volunteer work here in South Africa. Your contribution has had a tremendous affect on our ministry of teaching life skills and life orientation to the children in the primary schools. For the last four years, we have been introducing our character-building life orientation books to the primary schools. At this time, there are 400 schools using our books, with about one thousand children per school—approximately 400,000 children.

A special day for the orphans of YiLan, Taiwan

Angelina Alvaro

On a beautiful Sunday morning in August, our volunteer team of six adults and four children set off to the rolling countryside of YiLan in central Taiwan, about a two hour drive from the country’s capital, Taipei. Our destination was a quaint orphanage by the name, “Xin Pu Ai Yuan”.

Central Taiwan Christmas Cheer Drive

Jeffrey Groft

Our crew of 12 members of The Family International, from Danswei, Taoyuen, and Taichung city, met for a week of giving the gift that is forever, Jesus’ love and the joy of Christmas. Thanks to Activated Ministries, we were able to give away a total of 300 Activated Magazines for adults and children, 100 Christmas CD cards, as well as 200 posters for Children in Mandarin Chinese.

A dose of Christmas Spirit to the Lukang Hospital in Taiwan

Jeffrey Groft

This was the first time for most of us to visit a “Hospitel” – a mix of a hospital and a hotel. The Lukang hospital is one of the first of its kind in Taiwan and we were invited to perform our clown show and go room-to-room, sharing God’s love with the patients and distributing the wonderful Christmas gifts sponsored by Activated Ministries!

Spreading smiles in Taichung, Taiwan

Jeffrey Groft

We want to thank Activated Ministries for their sponsorship of music CD’s, posters and tracts. We were able to bring comfort and joy to many Taiwanese people during three different performances: one in a hospital, one in a children’s handicap centre, and another one in a senior citizens home. The sponsored materials were greatly appreciated everywhere we went.

Clowning Around with Meaning - Children's Day in Taiwan

Jeffrey Groft

“Boy am I tired, but happy!” said Abing (aka Tim) along with side kick Abong, (aka Danny) who just finished clowning around and having fun with over 200 kids from the Taichung City Special Children Center. On a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon, two clowns from the Family International Taichung City center met and had lots of fun with this special bunch of kids by performing one of their renowned clown shows. With an afternoon of magic tricks, music, songs and dancing, it’s hard to tell if our clowns or the children had the most fun!

Mission to Hidalgo

Isabelle Nizincourt

The state of Hidalgo ranks as the fifth poorest among the 32 states of the Mexican Republic. Located a few hours away from Mexico City, this mountainous area is home to many local Indian communities as well as a significant displaced Indian population.