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Activated magazine


The Family Cares, Durban, South Africa


We would like to say a special thanks to Activated Ministries for sponsoring the wonderful children's Activated magazines for our project here in Durban, South Africa. We are Franz and Terry from The Family Cares organization, and we have been doing full-time missionary work for over thirty years in various countries around the world.

Enhlanhleni Isibani Sezwe Organization

Enhlanhleni Isibani Sezwe (Zulu for “Light To The Nations”) is located in KwaDabeka Township in Durban, South Africa. Read more about The Family Cares, Durban, South Africa

Taiwan Activated Incentive Program

For a month the Youth Reach Youth team here in Taiwan had been anticipating the day we would all meet in the central city of Taiwan, Taichung for a day of workshops, classes, music, and Christian outreach. All the attendees were eager to swap stories about how they had made the entrance requirements of selling three Activated magazine subscriptions. Read more about Taiwan Activated Incentive Program

Sharing God's word with inmates

Angelina Kelly

We started in December, 2006 with one prison in one state. We are now reaching inmates in 41 different prisons in 35 states with the Activated magazines. Every month, our volunteers mail the sponsored Activated magazines to several different types of correctional facilities, including men’s maximum security prisons, women’s prisons, correctional institutions for the youth, boot camp programs, and prison rehab programs. Read more about Sharing God's word with inmates