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Values in Education, India

Values in Education is a holistic educational program developed in response to the need for moral, character and social development for preschool and primary school aged children in India. This four-part program is designed to have maximum reach by enhancing institutions and schools dedicated to the care and education of underserved children in the core subject of value education; moral, character and social development.

A key aspect of the program also includes addressing and advocating the need for quality educational materials and effective teaching methods of relatable character-building values within the education systems and institutions. The program aim is to impact future societies, one child at a time by enhancing the learning capacity and method used by teachers assisting children in the acquisition of character development. The material used in the program consists of two series of educational books, along with accompanying multimedia presentations, follow-up activities and curriculum plans.


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Educational materials to over 7,000 children in India

Mark and Carina Hanson

Reema is a 9 year old girl who spent most of her life as a rag picker. Though she now goes to school, the struggles in her past are hard to forget. In the hope of a brighter future she tries hard to concentrate on her studies, but learning to read is especially difficult. “I can’t do it” is most often what her teachers hear. Read more about Educational materials to over 7,000 children in India