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The Wine Press Monthly Magazine

Have you enjoyed the inspirational, devotional and spiritually feeding articles in the Activated Magazine? We sure have! Don’t miss an issue, they’re great! You may also enjoy The Winepress, a monthly periodical that includes in-depth Bible studies, commentary and articles touching on topics like discipleship, spiritual and personal growth, evangelism, and how to grow in your relationship with the Lord, to name a few. We also regularly include updates, tips and testimonials from active Christians, veteran missionaries and pastors who have found the key to changing their part of the world. If you’re interested in receiving The Winepress, please write us at While we don’t have a set subscription price for this magazine, we do ask that you consider sending regular donations or tithes to help make this and our many other worldwide projects possible. Contact us if you need extra copies for use in Bible studies or home study groups.

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