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Creating Magic Memories!

Isabel Nizincourt

During the Christmas season, the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City received our volunteers from Patricino un Libro with a group of 35 girls from a local orphanage. The girls enjoyed story-telling, interactive games, individual gifts of toys and books, yummy food and deserts, and a night-time visit to the dreamlike inner gardens of the hotel, lit by torches and enveloped with heavenly live harp music. The awe in the girls’ eyes was a delight to watch.

We had a storytelling event in the boys’ orphanage and the center for cancer children with our dear volunteer Fifi and her guitar. We also visited a refuge for battered women with our special friend Paola – who used to host her own kids TV show in Colombia. The kids drew beautiful pictures to illustrate the points of the stories.

At the boy’s orphanage, our volunteer Felipe “El Loquillo”, and his assistant held 40 boys and 10 adult staff spellbound for an entire hour. Magic tricks, wit, humor, gifts – they brought with them a world of wonder. Cephas the Clown entertained the outpatients of two children’s hospitals and then went from ward to ward bringing laughter, balloons and cheer while our volunteers talked with parents and children and distributed Activated Ministries’ sponsored books. As usual, each child received a collection of two to four books; story books, activity books and coloring books. Immediately the children started looking at the beautiful illustrations and reading.

We were also invited to participate in the International Children’s Cancer Day, where we were given our own Sponsor a Book booth, and distributed sets of books to 330 children in cancer treatment or in remission.

Thank you so much dear Activated Ministries for helping us create magic memories for so many children. Your donation of thousands of beautiful books is what made it possible, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Special News!

This Christmas, we passed the 100,000 mark of books freely distributed to the most needy children of Mexico! Thank you so much for being part of this miracle!