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6,800 books to the children of Mexico City and Tabasco, Mexico

Isabelle Nizincourt

“I asked my mommy for a doll for Christmas, but she couldn’t get one! Thanks for the pretty doll!”

“These kids will never forget your visit here today. You do not understand what it means for them!”

These were just a few of the reactions that we received during Christmas and Kings day as our team of volunteers distributed toys and Activated Ministries sponsored books to the children and parents at the AMANC Hostel, a facility for low-income families coming from the provinces to Mexico City for cancer treatment.

In November 2007, our volunteer relief team also traveled to Tabasco after the devastating floods had hit. Along with a few tons of fresh food, water, and clothing, we brought 3,200 story books and 650 music tapes for these dear children who had lost so much.

Activated Ministries, because of your support, we were able to personally touch the lives of 1,445 children during the Christmas and Kings’ Day season, and our team of volunteers distributed a total of 6,800 books and 650 children tapes. Thank you for partnering with our projects, your help makes all the difference!