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Sponsor a Book - International

Sponsor A Book, Africa has gone global with their mission to put books, teaching aids and character building materials into schools, churches, social centers and homes for women and children. While they still continue their work in Sierra Leon and Liberia, Africa, Sponsor a Book volunteers have hosted Sponsor a Book events in India, Croatia and Mexico.  

Read on for updates on their travels and life changing programs. 

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Recent Events

Mr. Clown Professor lands in Bangalore, India

More than 8 schools so far have been targeted by “Mr. Clown professor”, who entertains kids in Bangalore, India, and brings in valuable lessons to the classroom. Most of the kids who attend come from slums and families in crisis who have a hard time not only attending, but giving attention to the problems they face. Read more about Mr. Clown Professor lands in Bangalore, India

Mothers in Crisis Protected by Saints

“This calendar has been my only inspiration since the day I arrived here” commented a mother whose name and picture can’t be mentioned due to the fact that she along with her children are in hiding from abusive family members. “I am so happy to now have one of my own!” This feedback was one of many that made our efforts worth it, a sign that no matter how big a project, even a little motivational gift can be significant. Read more about Mothers in Crisis Protected by Saints

Music Therapy Program

They say music is medicine for the soul. But when kids sing and move with motions to the music it also moves the hearts and souls of most anyone. And that was our target, souls and hearts that need care. Over 5 social centers and psychiatric hospitals and old folk’s homes were visited by our “family show” musically bringing cheer, motivation and joy to the patients at the centers. Read more about Music Therapy Program