Name: Vera Didenko
Kvyiv, Ukraine
The National University of Kyiv
Computer Science
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Vera Didenko

I am the first Ukrainian student in my university to receive a scholarship from an international organization. It was quite a complicated process to work out all the paperwork correctly, since my university never did this before, and I want to thank the Activated Ministries for all the extra work they had to do to process the paperwork. Now that it is done, though, it created a precedent for other students, and possibly will encourage some of them to not give up and look for ways to pay for their education in spite of the war and poverty in this country. I am so thankful for the opportunity it gives me to continue my studies for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at one of the best universities in Ukraine. I have grown up in a missionary family with six brothers and sisters and participated in many charitable projects throughout the years, and I have always felt that my purpose in life is to help others. It really touched me to have personally received help from the Activated Ministries.