Name: Nataliya Govorukha
Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov National University
Russian & Literature
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Nataliya Govorukha

I would like to thank all those associated with Activated Ministries. This scholarship will allow me to finish my studies in the Kharkov National University - one of the biggest and well known in the Ukraine - and to receive Bachelor degree.

At the moment I am leading a project for the orphan and handicapped teenagers in the Lyceum of building and social rehabilitation. Most of them don’t have good or normal families, or don’t have parents at all. They arrived here from the orphanages or shelters. The majority have problems with their studies, behavior, even small criminal records. They need help in their education, encouragement in their character building, learning life skills, but most of all individual attention and care.

At the moment I am organizing a group of 25 students from the Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy who will be social pedagogues in the near future to participate in this and other projects as volunteers. The project includes elements of music, drama, art therapy, preventive lectures, individual communication, motivational talks, tea-parties, etc. My present and future studies will help me to do this job better, easier and more efficiently.

In the near future I would like to receive more education in the social pedagogy department and my present studies are a necessary step towards that goal. With this note I am expressing my deep gratitude for the financial and moral support given to me by the Activated Ministries.