Name: Daniel Tarpy
Ming Chuan University
International Affairs
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Daniel Tarpy

Dear Activated Ministries, 
I would like to express my thanks for being accepted as a recipient of the IROS Scholarship for the Fall Semester of 2013. Being a recipient of the IROS Scholarship has been a great blessing to me in helping to defray my tuition costs, as I’m sure it has been to numerous other students as well.
Since applying for this scholarship I have graduated from my undergraduate program at the top of my department and I was chosen as the valedictorian for my college campus.
For the last year I have been enrolled in pre-matriculation courses for a Masters in International Affairs. Now I am beginning the final year of my masters program. I hope to put this scholarship to good use as I continue to focus on my studies, along with other extracurricular projects.
Thank you again for making this possible, and helping to lighten the load for a lot of students. I am grateful to be one of them.